About Liqnet

LIQNET, discovered online at, accumulates liquidity from different exchanges and enables traders to get to this liquidity through a solitary dashboard. You can exploit arbitrage openings between exchanges. Or on the other hand, you can essentially utilize LIQNET to get to greater liquidity.

The framework rotates around as far as possible request book, or LOB. You get to this request book through the expert LIQNET interface. LIQNET was declared on April 24, 2018.

How will it work?

LIQNET spins around its point of confinement arrange book, or LOB, and its LEN component. The Liquidity Exchange Network, or LEN, system averts liquidity fracture by pooling offers and requests from various exchanges.

Rather than getting to liquidity from a solitary cryptocurrency exchange, you can get to liquidity from numerous exchanges utilizing a similar expert LIQNET dashboard. The main advantage of this higher liquidity is that traders can appreciate a lower offer/ask spread.

LEN gathers and pools orders from exchange clients like you. At that point, it associates those requests with orders from different stages, making a solitary profundity of market board. Requests are gathered and after that influenced accessible for exchanging to all LIQNET to exchange clients.

Utilizing general society APIs of cryptocurrency exchanges, LEN surveys them for buy and sell offers, framing a solitary profundity of the market board for its clients and enabling traders to locate the best costs at the negligible spread.

You can get to LIQNET through your work area program or a portable application.

The Team

LIQNET was made by a group of the fund, law, and technology experts with a demonstrated reputation in conventional investments and forex exchanging.

Key individuals from the group incorporate Roman Shirokov (CEO), Evgeny Tarasenko (CTO), and Vyacheslav Kasatkin.
LIQNET was fused in 2015. The organization is enrolled to an address in Singapore (10 Maxwell Road, Singapore).



A number of cryptocurrency exchanges aggregate liquidity from across different exchanges. So what makes LIQNET special? What kind of fees can you expect to pay? Here are some of the notable fees as listed on the LIQNET fees page:

Trading Fees: 0.2% taker fee, 0.1% maker fee

Deposit Fees: 0 (0% deposit fees on all deposit options, including bitcoin, Litecoin, USD, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, and Peercoin).

Withdrawal Fees: 0.0001 BTC, 0.01 LTC, 0.01 USD, 0.01 ETH, 0.01 BCH, 0.01 DASH, and 0.01 PPC.


LIQNET is expecting to launch a crowdsale in May / June 2018. That crowdsale will consist of a closed pre-sale and an open ICO.

Further details of the token sale have not yet been announced. LIQNET has partnered with Como Capital to launch their ICO.

It’s unclear how LIQNET tokens will work. However, tokens launched by other cryptocurrency exchanges typically provide a discount on trading fees. You might only pay 0.1% or 0.5% trading fees when paying with LIQNET’s tokens, for example.

  • Who’s Behind LIQNET?

LIQNET was created by a team of finance, law, and technology professionals with a proven track record in traditional investments and forex trading.

Key members of the team include Roman Shirokov (CEO), Evgeny Tarasenko (CTO), and Vyacheslav Kasatkin.

LIQNET was incorporated in 2015. The company is registered to an address in Singapore (10 Maxwell Road, Singapore).


Discount on Fees:
One token gives a 0,5% discount on the sum of fees for one day. The discount is activated for 24 hours in the personal account right aſter the withdrawal of tokens or at the set time. Increment size is 0,5%, the highest possible discount is 90%. The timing of the discount can be chosen in the personal account. For example, 10% discount on the fees for a day costs 20 tokens, 50% discount for a week requires 700 tokens.

LEN token holders get access to the voting service to decide on the trading pairs offered by the exchange and the ways of spending 50% of attracted funds.

Fund Distribution



LIQNET is a cryptocurrency exchange that aggregates liquidity from a number of different exchanges across the internet. The goal is to reduce the bid/ask spread while offering users the highest liquidity across multiple order types and markets.

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