Neurotechnology Could Change How We Eat and Lose Weight


One of the biggest challenges facing Western society is weight loss. We like to eat-possibly too much!
Adding insult to injury, fast food chains seem to have figured out that if they add lots of sugar to their food, we eat more of it. Weight loss has become a huge industry, one in which there is no magical, silver bullet solution… yet.

But there may be hope on the horizon for the chubby amongst us. Apparently, there is one part of our bodies we don’t pay enough attention to when trying to reach our fitness goals, and it isn’t our core or our butt (thank god). Nope, it’s the brain. In the very near future, neurotechnology looks set to offer us the potential of a fat-blasting silver bullet in our unending battle against the bulge.

Metrics & Technology: As Much a Part of Fitness as Running Shoes & Lycra

Let’s face it. Humans don’t just want to get fit. They also want to do it with as little effort as possible. This is where the explosion of wearable technology and metrics come in. We are now experiencing a wearables revolution in which people are able to receive constant, real-time information on their bodies. Through these technologies we’re getting a better insight into how to work smarter.

But that technology is no longer confined to our wrists or phones. Companies like Neurogress are developing AI-enhanced neurocontrol software that has the potential to enable the collection of deep data on our brain and its involvement in fitness.

Neurotechnology Could Control Our Weight Loss

But it gets weirder! We don’t just have access to reading our brain’s data. We can also play a role in rewriting it. This bizarre and exciting world of brain-hacking is called “neuropriming”. We’re learning more about how our brains impact on weight loss and building muscle and how we in turn can manipulate the brain to get the results we want.

For example, neurotechnology is nearing a stage in development where we can effectively trick the brain into losing weight by sending low-power electrical impulses directly into the vestibular nerve. This in turn sends a message to the hypothalamus that it should increase metabolism.

Imagine opening an app at the beginning of your workout (or donut), and setting your metabolism to eleven. You feel a slight tingling sensation behind your ear and within a few minutes you feel warmer. Bam. You just told your brain to become a fat burning machine! With every new neurotechnological software innovation being developed by companies like Neurogress, we seem to be getting closer to establishing the necessary groundwork for the holy grail of neuropriming.

Neurotechnology may give us unprecedented control over the brain and its role in fitness. The early results are amazing. Invest in the interactive mind-controlled devices of the future by buying tokens now and help to promote innovation. Pre-ICO from 10th Jan 2018 with a bonus of 50%.

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