How to operate and Some Mack Down Styling

Hi friends,

This is a training video made for the people who has been asking me questions about how to navigate around cross posting platform.


First of all, was brought to you by beyondbitcoin team and it sole purpose is to solve the problem of cross posting on different platform at the same time.

Bringing Masdacs to the souls in the universe.

The birth of has made people start starting believing in bitshares again, being on different platform altogether and looking for education of on how to post on this different platform at the same time. is out to solve these problems by adding your favorite platform if only you can apply.


Check out the video it's quick and easy to use tool. The brain behind are genius.

Dlive Video

Thank you for watching and reading. See you in my next training. I hope this help a lot of people.

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Look for the witness name @god, @bushkill-witness, @dbread-witness, @beyondbitcoincas, @altruistic @wls-africa & @black-man
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Support @christian-trail. They have been so wonderful helping the Christian community and Christian writers. More blessing.
Support @itestify for curating testimony post. Wonderful initiative it is.

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