winkPark - Easy-parking App & Blockchain

As a new wave of people flood cities to live, work and play, many arrive on their four wheels - cars, which are creating massive headaches for city planners and drivers. Smart cities are looking into reducing parking issues that cause street congestion and wasted time for drivers searching for free spaces. Offstreet parking is not solution: it is costly to build and takes space that could be also used for other, more interesting uses.

While some of cities are looking the solutions such as parking prices that fluctuate based on demand to ensure a spaсe is always available, others are revamping parking permit policies and updating their laws to allow for transit-oriented developments. And here comes a very unique project called winkPark with many parking solutions.

winkPark is an innovative mobile app based on cards that use gamilization elements and relies on collaboration between its users. In the app, registered drivers mark the presence of parking lots on the roads or in the parking spaces. Before leaving, they added their positions to inform other drivers that this parking space would be available soon.

All winkPark network is built to be of immense benefit to help the users who will come together, unite as a group to help one another conveniently find free parking spaces in order to save time and achieve results. The winkPark network functions using GPS. The App offers a map through which available free parking spaces are marked by the members of the winkPark hub, than user in need of a parking spot can easily receive it from another drivers before he leaves the place. winkPark community will have its own cryptocurrency in the 3rd quarter of 2020 which will be used for payments. TalaR tokens will then be exchanged for TalaR coins.

winkPark was founded in Warsaw, Poland. The implementation of the project itself, which direсtly depends on the team and the management of the project, its further support and development is very important for winkPark. The project has an exсellent team and an improved concept, these are the main components of the success of any project. Everything is in the hands of the winkPark team and I think it will be a big success.



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