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Hi friends, my name is Amur and my bitcointalk username is Gucci Flip Flops. Today I want to tell you about a new platform for gambling - Winstars
Gambling (in a different way - gambling) is becoming more popular and is interested in an increasing part of modern society with unimaginable speed. From year to year, companies involved in this field of activity launch new gambling establishments, which contributes to its development and expansion. At first, this kind of earnings seems easily accessible and exciting, one that is on the shoulder for every person. In fact, he has a lot of pitfalls, showing the falsity of the gambling industry in relation to those who decided to try it in themselves. The problems of gambling come first of all from a lack of understanding by the participants of the algorithms of the embedded program, inability to correctly check the results of the game itself. As a result: the existence of dishonest methods of playing activity, the incomprehensible way of choosing a winner, and sometimes the absence of a winning payment, which awakens a suspiciousness in the player, and sometimes outrage or irritation. Because of all of the above, some clients of the sphere of gambling leave it.

Winstars - one of the platforms of gambling, based on the technology of blockchain and smart contracts. The main goal of the project, which later became reality, was the creation of such a playground, which would prioritize transparency and honesty to its users. This is a platform on which the player would not have to wait for payments at the rates, because they would be held instantly. Such goals, which led to the creation of Winstars, can guarantee a reduction in fraud and somebody's interference in the process of determining the results of gaming activities. The functioning of the project should lead to a change in the opinion of some part of the society about the gaming industry for the better, as well as draw attention to the Winstars project itself. More information on the idea of the project can be found in Whitepaper.

Comparing the statistics of market growth and incomes in this industry, one can understand that there are many problems in the market for this industry.

User problems:

  • Lack of openness, i.e. the inability of the player to check the integrity of the algorithms of the system, calculate the chance of winning and be confident in the equality of his chances of winning with the chances of competitors.
  • Impossibility to provide players with a guarantee. Each platform user is forced to take risks that his online account can be blocked at any time. The player can not purchase any protection, because the license is most often purchased in third world countries - this means that a person's personal data is also under the threat of theft in case of a break-in.
  • Difficulties with financial transactions. Often, the players who lost the "jackpot" can not withdraw the earned money: the system starts demanding to pay unreasonable fees or fees, which also undermines the reputation of the gaming industry.

Problems of operators:

  • The choice of players in favor of proven platforms, which creates a new company great difficulties in the promotion of projects.
  • High and inefficient transaction costs that prevent international users from comfortably carrying out financial transactions.
  • Scalability, which creates a platform for the complexity of entering new markets.

Why choose Winstars?
At the moment, there are already platforms that have opened their users the ability to check transactions and monitor the storage of funds. However, these projects still did not cope with such a problem as checking transactions with hidden algorithms. Winstars was able to achieve this, thus outstripping competitors. It is on this platform that gamblers will have access to betting stories, they will be able to monitor transactions that occur with their capital, using a convenient menu.

Due to the maximum honesty of the system, the player is guaranteed the safety of the money account and, as a consequence, the absence of difficulties with the cashing of his winnings. Project participants have the opportunity to view the history of all previous financial transactions. Familiar to many blockchain and smart contracts cause players confidence in this area of activity. The issue of the company's scaling is solved, because reduced fees. A person can earn money using Winstars.

If we talk about the Pre-ICO, which will be held from May 10 to May 20, 2018, with the number of tokens allocated to it at 22.5 million, Winstars developers intend to collect 500,000 USD. During the ICO, which will last for a month (from June 3 to July 3), it is planned to raise ten times more USD using 80, 5 million WINS.

The direct currency of Winstars is the WINS token. With the help of it, many operations will be carried out, including bets, payment of commissions for all playground games and much more. WINS will also become one of the components of the loyalty program. In order to increase the interest of users with the WINS token, a program will be implemented, as a result of which the casino profits will be distributed among all holders randomly. After all this, the token, of course, will not be deprived of attention and will pay off all investments.


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