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Women In Blockchain And Crypto

Patrick Thompson recently published article on Cointelegraph "Women In Blockchain And Crypto: How To Tackle Gender Inequality" where he says that: The percentage of women invested and involved in cryptocurrency is far lower than that of men. This could be confirmed by numerous surveys and research studies. Moreover, incidents like the North American Bitcoin Conference, where only 3 of the 88 speakers were women and the conference after party was held at a strip club, show a disparity trend present in the industry.

Take a look at these graphs

And stats from MyEtherWallet

I think they mean that while women are less interested in bitcoin and blockchain as technology, when it comes to token collection - the percentage is bigger)

What do you think about women's involvement in blockchain and crypto? I think this industry is new and women participation will grow as industry grows. Personally I know many women in blockchain with different specializations: community managers, bounty managers, content writers, marketers, co-founders of projects and developers!

And last, but not least, my friend prepares a magazine with this topic (Women in Blockchain), I will share more info when it's ready (probably next month). But before that time if you want to share some info about women in blockchain - please do it and I will forward to him. May be some more material or interview can be done.

I also posted this to BlockchainForums so we can discuss it there as well.

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