Decentralised P2P Marketplace WONO

A peer-to-peer (P2P) service is a decentralized platform whereby two individuals interact directly with each other, without intermediation by a third-party. Instead, the buyer and the seller transact directly with each other via the P2P service.

Some peer-to-peer services don't involve an economic transaction, such as buying and selling, but they do bring together individuals to work on joint projects, share information or communicate without intermediation.

When a third party is removed from the transaction, there is a greater risk that the provider of the service may fail to deliver, that the service will not be of the quality expected, or that the buyer may not pay. This extra risk is often defrayed by reduced transaction costs and lower prices. Often, businesses are created with the intent of facilitating P2P transactions and reducing risk for both buyer and seller. The majority of P2P services today are offered online.

WONO is a decentralized P2P platform for exchanging property and services. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary FIle System, the platform and community are decentralized, which allows users to interact without a middlemen. Peer-to-peer rentals and freelancing without intermediaries, any kind of taxation and currency exchange loss.

WONO occupies the massively popular peer-to-peer (P2P) economy, which essentially allows for the direct exchange between persons of any desired asset or service and provides a variety of benefits over similar B2C (business to consumer) alternatives such as cheaper rates.

Wono Team:

Alexander Esaulov is the founder and the CEO of Wono. He is experienced in marketing and is also an entrepreneur. Some of the startups started by him include Burn to Earn (US fitness reality show), Greeder (a marketplace to bargain for products), and Alex Games (fitness reality show).

Andrey Chepelev is the COO of Wono. He is also the Project Manager and Editor in Chief of He is instrumental in bringing millions of audiences to the website in a span of four years. He is very successful as a media expert.

German Solodov is the CMO. He has 7 years of digital marketing experience behind him and was associated with Alex fitness gym in Russia. He is also an SEO expert.

Artem Nikonov is the web application developer of Wono with over 14 years of web development experience. He implements new business ideas in existing and new web platforms.

Kirill Pyrev is the Investor Relations man of Wono. He has over 10 years experience in digital marketing and advertising. He is into gaming and has been the CEO of a blockchain startup BotGaming.

Arthur Lavrishev is the software developer known to create complicated projects like blockchain DAPPs.

**Antony Guljakin **is the UI/UX designer with web design, UX design and graphic experience of over 13 years.

Julia Larionova is an e-mail marketing specialist and SMM Manager and Alexander Knizhnikov is the Community Manager.

Maria Polzik is the project manager with over 5 years experience in IT management field.

The advisors of Wono include Lev Lemkov (Project Management), Benedict O’Leary (accommodation and travel), Christopher Ciko (legislation), and Alexander Frolov (blockchain development).

Token Details:
WONO is a utility token based on the ERC20 standard. It is used for all transactions among the participants of the WONO ecosystem (the WONO platform and DAPPs, based on the WONO API). WONO ICO will take two stages: Pre-sale and ICO. To join the crowd-funding campaign, you have to register on the White List. The total number of WONO tokens to be distributed is 47,500,000.

# Token WONO
Price 1 WONO = 0.5 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Soft cap 7,000,000 USD
Hard cap 20,000,000 USD
Country Malta
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist

WONO smart contracts guarantee that the conditions of a deal will be met. Crowd insurance and crowd arbitrage systems provide compensation if the deal is cancelled. Team final goal is on the one hand to build a bridge between cryptocurrency and real assets/ services and on the other hand to create a shared economy ecosystem based on the principles of transparency, mutual trust, and responsibility.

**Telegram: **

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