Truth is, since the introduction of the internet, life has become easier, as people from different parts of the world can now relate with each other with ease. Apart from this, the internet has brought a lot of exposure to the world in general, and in the future, we expect human activities to be increasingly backed by digital technologies. One technology which has and is still revolutionizing the world today is the blockchain technology. Blockchain technology has, today, swept into many sectors and economies in the world, most notably the global financial sector. Services in this sector, before now, were centralized and in dire need of improvement to meet up with the ever-growing demands of our constantly changing world. However, the introduction of blockchain, which has come with cryptocurrencies (digital currencies), has changed the global financial ecosystem. Now, financial transactions can be carried out with much more ease and less regulation and more people now are and are still getting financial included. Nevertheless, much more can be done to make the financial ecosystem better. Cryptocurrency and financial technologies can be better integrated into the existing financial and banking ecosystem, which will very well improve financial transactions. If the integration of cryptocurrencies with financial technologies is achieved, monetary transactions can be done in real time and at no cost. Before the blockchain era, many platforms existed that managed to do this, e.g PayPal, but none were at zero cost and their structures were cumbrous. However, these issues will be a thing of the past with the introduction of the World Bit Bank (WBB). The World Bit Bank project involves developing technologies and establishing an international cryptocurrency bank under the World Bit Bank brand. The WBB, has the goal of “providing a quality complement for traditional banking sector services with electronic platforms, integrating cryptocurrencies in bank operations and help ordinary people use cryptocurrency in their daily lives”. One striking benefit of the World Bit Bank in this cryptocurrency era is that the WBB’s customers will be able to fully control their assets, thereby taking out third-parties, which has been the norm. Also, WBB customers will be able to explore all cryptocurrencies and not be limited to those supported by their wallets. And there’s more on offer (WBB Exchange, WBB Card, WBB Wallet, WBB Mobile banking, etc). Customers of the WBB include:
• Business and private individuals who want to legalize their digital assets.
• Freelancers who want to be paid in cryptocurrency and want to use it for their own needs.
• Business that wants to integrate a cryptocurrency economy in company and conduct transactions with cryptocurrency.
• Customers who simply want to use their own or our cryptocurrency for day-to-day needs.

Note that, the World Bit Bank is fully licensed and its robustness is further proof that it can handle all banking and financial transactions. This bank will do better than the many solutions that have previously been set up by competitors, as its team is highly experienced in the financial sector and can guarantee full responsibility of funds entrusted to it. Please feel free to look up the World Bit Bank’s website at for more details on this project.

• Low charges for deposit and withdrawal of funds
• Fully legal cryptocurrency which can be used for business and paying taxes
• Cryptocurrency on your VISA/Mastercard debit card and debit cards of other payment systems
• Cashback and loyalty programs
• Own cryptocurrency exchange
• Leasing company
• Accepting any cryptocurrency for payment
• Exchange (buying and selling of cryptocurrency)
• All classic bank transactions using cryptocurrencies
• Trust management of cryptocurrency portfolio and other features
• Conducting online currency exchange operations in cryptocurrency
• Servicing of electronic wallets with an exchange feature

• Favorable terms for deposits and loans
• Availability of a regulated bank
• Support for use of crytocurrency assets
• Scalability
• Availability of a bank license
• Availability of physical branches that can be accessed by customers and revenue bodies
• 24/7 accessibility
• Funding of various sectors of the economy
• SWIFT, processing, acquiring

The Wibcoin (WBB) is an ERC20 compliant token on the Ethereum blockchain. It is the unit of account of all transactions in the World Bit Bank ecosystem and can be used for common digital services like currency exchange, payments, value maintenance, etc. After the Pre-ICO, WBB tokens will be trading on exchanges like Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Polonix, Binance, HitBTC, In addition, after the ICO, World Bit Bank customers will have the following features open to them:
• Participation in exchange auctions.
• Conducting transactions with low charges.
• All classic banking services using cryptocurrencies
• The opportunity to conduct transactions in cryptocurrency at any point of sale.
• Attracting funding for own project or business by offering digital assets in the form of bonds.
Anyone who buys Wibcoin tokens worth between 1 – 10 ETH and more will be offered free debit cards (VISA or MasterCard).

A total of 1 billion WBB will be issued.
Price: 1 WBB = € 1
Pre-ICO softcap: 667.61 ETH or € 500,000 (at an exchange rate of € 748.94\1ETH, as of 16.02.2018).
Pre-ICO hardcap: 33,380 ETH or € 25 million (at an exchange of € 748.94\1ETH, as of 16.02.2018).
ICO softcap: 333,805.11 ETH or € 250 million (at an exchange of € 748.94\1ETH, as of 16.02.2018).
ICO hardcap: 667,610.22 ETH or €500 million (at an exchange of € 748.94\1ETH, as of 16.02.2018).


75% - Purchase of a bank
10% - Marketing
10% - Development
5% - Salary fund

• IT company Vitsolutions, LLC, for the development of mobile applications and financial technologies, established.
• Team of banking experts and software developers assembled.
• Work on the World Bit Bank project underway.
• Contract of intent to purchase a bank in Europe signed.
27.12.2017- 26.04. 2018
• Meeting with investors and presentation of the project to venture capital funds.
• Cooperation agreements with advisors and business partners of the project.
• Project concept formulation.
Commencement of the PRE-ICO stage for creating the World Bit Bank prototype: Purchase of a bank in Europe, rebranding and all necessary procedures, launch of the first bank under the World Bit Bank brand; Creation and realisation of card product packages (Virtual\Electron, Classic, Gold, Platinum) in crytocurrency; Preparation for ICO of the World Bit Bank project.
Q4 2018
ICO and sale of Wibcoin (WBB) tokens for purchasing 9 banks in various global financial jurisdictions under World Bit Bank brand. In particular, alternatives to purchase banks in USA, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, UK, India, Japan, Australia and Switzerland are under consideration.

Igor Romanenko - Founder
Vlad Romanenko - Co-Founder “Vitsolutions”, LLC
Maksim Boyko - CEO “Vitsolutions”, LLC
Vasily Solovyev - Banking Specialist&VP
Tatyana Soldatova - Project Manager
Semyon Lazarco - SMM Specialist
Kseniia Deina - SMM Manager
Eduard Sadontsev - Middle Developer
Matt Mark - Cyber Security
Alina Sysa - Lawyer, Banking Specialist
Illia Bandura - Crypto Trader

The use of cryptocurrency will be made more seamless than it already is through the aid of the World Bit Bank. Cryptocurrency faithful’s will be better able to control their portfolio and more, through the features that the WBB offers.
I, therefore, urge everyone to participate in this project and share in its benefits.

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