WORDOPOLY - The first augmented reality game based on multiplayer strategy game.


Worldopoly is a Real-time (RT) multi-player strategy game that implements Blockchain and Augmented Reality (AR) into a world building simulation. It provides economic incentive as well to compel game play through the implementation of its own cryptocurrency WPT". What makes our game strategy so different from others? Well, it's time to know our outstanding features. Three important feature give Worldopoly the cutting edge to compete in the top rank with other mobile games on the market that uses blockchain technology. Check HERE for the whitepaper


Real time - real worldThe integration of Google Maps makes it possible for players to have the world in their hands. Players can buy real streets in real cities (underlying technology: Google Maps/openstreetmaps).Augmented Reality (AR) and BlockchainAugmented reality makes it possible to actually "see" one's in-game progress. Worldopoly is the first mobile game that implements blockchain technology in compelling gameplay, therefore, creating insightful ways for players to understand the principles of blockchain technology and earn endlessly. With the introduction of the WPT there is real money to be made playing the game. The presence of an internal economy gives players the ability to make profit while playing, build houses, maintain them and sell on auction. The income from WPT can be exchanged for real money. Investors are cordially welcome to participate in the Initial Coin Offering.Risk-free introduction to cryptocurrenciesWith the possibility to trade every in-game item for WPT the player can earn cryptocurrency without investing real money. This is a great way to introduce players to the world of cryptocurrency.In a risk free environment, investors will earn real money by meas of exchange on t. Also, it will provide easy entry point for young investors to understand better, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Thus, a one-time opportunity to learn and earn cryptocurrencies. Bonuses are available during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).


The idea behind this project is to bring to the world an exciting multiplayer strategy gaming with the possibility to earn real money. Worldoploly the next 3 years will receive more than 150 new features to expand the game world to keep players attracted and invested. Remember, Worldopoly is not only interested exciting you with the game play, but also much concern about your financial freedom. This Worldopoly Token (WPT) can be exchanged for real money later, so players can earn quite a lot of money while playing the game. By providing a cryptocurrency with market linked fluctuation, Worldopoly has the heat factor that comes with it. 

There are different types of player interactions in Worldopoly:


  • Provide additional income for players with "walk" in the streets.
  • Collect coins from other players who have not managed to collect them on time.


  • Damaging - building other players using purchased vandalism items (eg Molotov Cocktails, Hager Gangsters, Bug-Infections, etc.) Using VR-Extension.
  • Raiding - another player using AR-Extension and connected to other 'raid-partners'.


  • Trade with other players using the market.
  • Join the Klan to interact and finance big expensive projects together.
  • Building a political movement, affecting the economic situation of the Worldopoly universe.



Worldopoly brings to you a one time opportunity to invest and sit in the comfort of your zone to play games and enjoy real money with WPT. Private sale are ongoing and you don't want to miss that. join Wordopoply now. You can visit any of the links provide below and invest in Worldopoly.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Worldopoly
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldopoly
Telegram: https://t.me/worldopoly
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Worldopoly.de
Whitepaper: https://worldopoly.io/Worldopoly-Whitepaper-ICO.pdf
Website: https://ico.worldopoly.io 

Profil link:  <>https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1724435 

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