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Welcome my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project.Worldpoly " is a revolutionary platform in the modern world. It is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. On the other hand, this is the first AR game on Blockchain technology. They provide the ability to withdraw money for users. On the other hand, they also run a token to access this platform. You will find any information by visiting the project website: they suit the system of multi-user system and provide users with global gaming capabilities. Players will be able to buy real streets in real cities, as well as provide many opportunities. So it is very useful for us. Worldopoly - a unique mobile gaming platform in the world with great benefits. I hope you enjoy the platform in the world and you will be able to participate in their activities.

The Worldpoly platform supports an important system for players. They provide full transparency as well as develop their service. You can earn more by playing these games. On the other hand, there are several games on the Internet. But there is no opportunity to earn. Thus, people spend their time in this sector and also cannot benefit. Thus, Worldopoly launches a wonderful gaming platform to give the best possible experience. Its team members are experts in Blockchain technology. Most of them are software developers and IT specialists. So you will enjoy the game based on blockchain and earn a lot. Their system is very useful for us. You will find many friends in this game sector. As a result, their ICO is profitable for you.

The Worldopoly is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. By combining AR, blockchain / DAG and geoposition, it provides a great opportunity and benefit to users of this platform. At the same time, the world has all the technologies on one platform. On the other hand, there is a profitable system on the platform of the "metropolis" to keep an excellent opportunity. Now I describe you in the following global ecosystem:

  • GAME CURRENCIES: world Europe provides three types of coins on the game platform. There is also a WPT and Building resource. You will be able to use this currency and also be able to earn a lot using this platform.

  • BUILDINGS and STREETS: you will find a building as well as a street system on the ecosystem of the world. You can buy buildings to earn coins. You will be able to build and also improve the building. On the other hand, they also allow you to profit from these buildings.

• STORE AND AUCTION: All items can be purchased on the platform of "metropolis"; you will also receive all the features of this platform. In this game there are goods available and you can play easily.

  • PLAYER INTERACTION: there are many players on this platform on the world platform. There are different types of players in the world ecosystem. They are neutral, hostile and friendly. So you will get many kinds of friendly taste. In addition, this platform includes a system of smart contracts to get your currency. You will benefit from the platform "metropolis".

A symbol token "Metropolia" is WTP. On the other hand, this token is also based on the ERC 20 standard. On this platform, the hardcap is $ 18 million. To purchase tokens, they also accept BTC, ETH, and EUR on the Worldopoly platform. I give you a summary scheme of the token sale of this platform:

The worldpoly platform offers us bonus services. You can enjoy the bonus from this platform. During the sale period on this platform, you will receive a 25% bonus as well as a 20% bonus on the token in the pre-sale period. Pre-sale has three rounds to distribute your bonuses. You will receive a 15% bonus in the second round of this platform. As a result, the third stage offers a 10% bonus. They allocate a 100 million token for the main sales period. Thus, participants will receive a 5% bonus for the main period of sale of this platform.

The most valuable assets of "Worldpoly" are the members of the team of specialists of this platform. They are hardworking people, their number is 25 people of the team of specialists on The worldpoly platform. The main team members of this platform are highly qualified. Yura Helsel works as chief operating officer on the Worldpoly platform. He is very confident in managing this platform and also gives us more opportunities. He is also a talented person in this industry. He has many years of experience as well as consulting experience in many companies. Sergey Sergeenko is the chief technology officer on the platform of the "metropolis". It has 13 years of experience in software development system and also provides the best features in this system. It tries to develop the world's most popular development system to provide easy service. Felix Weinstein manages the platform of the "metropolis", and also acts as chief operating officer. He is also an expert in high-tech it startups. Maria Chezganova works as a public relations officer on the platform of the "metropolis", and also tries to attract more people to use the platform"metropolis". On The worldopoly platform there are more than 17 years of full stack developers who have experience with infrastructure, databases. In the framework of the project "Worldpoly" is also used by the AI system to make their services good.

The worldpoly platform will become the most popular in the world. Users can earn money by playing these games. They can build a house as well as a street in these games. They will be able to earn currency in games, and this currency will be converted to real money. In this platform Worldopy will release 200 000 000 WPT. They claim that they sell this token to investors who are interested in investing in the Worldpoly platform. Investors will get the maximum profit from the platform"metropolis".
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IСO [26 Feb, 2018 - 21 Jun, 2018]



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