Air pollution is the fourth risk factor in the global mortality rate. In 2013, due to air pollution, officially killed 5.5 million people. The main part of air pollution comes from the production of energy from hydrocarbons. If this continues, the number of deaths from ecology and wars for resources will only grow. The World Energy Corporation (WPP) offers an alternative to hydrocarbons. About forty years the company develops technologies of "green" energy. They lacked automated systems for accurate energy accounting for scaling technologies. With the technology of blocking it becomes possible. Today in our review we will consider one of the most interesting ICO, the entry into which begins with 20 ETH.

The figure shows the map of mortality from environmental pollution in 2013.

To understand how to read a map. The whole map is colored in different colors: from blue to red. The blue color indicates the air pollution that occurs to the extraction of energy from coal, oil and gas. A red-pollution from the natural activity of man. These include fire, transport, agriculture, fires, etc. We see that 85% of the population lives in conditions when air pollution exceeds the permissible limit (Maximum Permissible Concentration - MPC). India and China are the most deadly territories of this activity.

The figure below shows the energy map of the planet. On it you can see how the sources of generated energy are distributed. 46% of the world's energy is produced from coal and further on the list.

With huge resources accumulated over 40 years of its existence, WPP decided to develop a global solution to provide energy for the whole planet.

The WPP infrastructure will be built in three directions:
State contracts. To date, the company has signed contracts in the world to supply "green" energy in the amount of $ 50 billion. In some cases, the Contract is 35 years old.

Energy digital platform. One of them is the global "green" energy platform. On this platform, you can buy energy in large wholesale sizes. This is an alternative for those who are currently engaged in the production of hydrocarbons for earnings. Another platform for crypto and energy exchange. This is an exchange, the purpose of which is to increase the liquidity of assets of investors in the wind farm.

Technological solutions for clean energy. These include various installations for energy production. They are divided into small stations for private use and large industrial ones.

Management team
WPP-Global Energy Corporation. The main man is Mr. Raphael Ben. It is part of the management of the world's largest corporations and has extensive connections with governments. His team includes engineers and experts in energy waste recognized in the world expert community.

Total Name: WPP
Number of Tokens: 5 billion tokens
Price on Private Sale: $ 0.16
Price : $ 0.20 Pre-Sale Soft Cap: $
5M Pre-Sale Hard Cap: $ 50 Million

The minimum investment is 20 ETH $ 0.16 per WPP token. On Pre-ICO, the price of the token will be $ 0.20. It will be held from July 26 to September 1. The minimum investment is 1 ETH. The main public sales will be held from September 3 to December 7. This is all information about the ICO. Important announcements wpp publishes on Twitter.

Brief information
There are many positive factors in this project. The main factor here, of course, is that WPP is an operating business. And this is the presence of customers who want to buy tokens and liquidity assets. Not surprisingly, the minimum investment is 20 Ethereum. It is a rarity. We, ordinary people, should wait for the next rounds and announcements. These tokens you should somehow buy into a fold for example, but do not forget about diversification

For more information, contact:
✉Site: https://wppenergy.io//
✉Telegraphs: https://t.me/WPPEnergy
✉Technical description: https://wppenergy.io/pdf/Whitepaper.pdf
✉Set on the bitcoin: https: // bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4449273.0
✉Featurebook: https://www.facebook.com/WPP-Energy-575263249486648
✉Twitter: https://twitter.com/wppenergycoin
✉YouTube: https: // www. youtube.com/channel/UCXWicQvqXSCfTLf8R-Tf8uw/featured?view_as=subscriber

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