Pearly Gates

Who would love to go to heaven?

Christian or not, i believe if you could find a way to confirm that Heaven is real, you wouldn't want to miss it. Most of humanity will wish to be in a place like Heaven, after all the sufferings and pains here. After all the good things we've heard about Heaven, seems to be a wonderful place.

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Heaven is God's home. It's where Jesus Christ lives. It is where all Christians hope and believe to be one day. Wouldn't you want to go to heaven? Heaven is where all the good and reedemed people will be after death.

There will be a lot of surprises. People you expect will be in hell might be in Heaven. People you expect might be in Heaven will be in hell. Where you will be, whether heaven or hell will probably be your biggest surprise. Where do you think you belong?

Heaven will be for eternity. There will be nothing like, "I've been in heaven for 2 years or 5 years." You will be in Heaven for ever. Forever isn't a longtime. Forever is forever. It is infinite. It never end. No death, no sickness, no growing old. How wonderful.

Heaven is an inheritance for all begotten of God. Heaven is holy and pure, does not decay. Heaven is perpetual. Heaven is reserved for all of mankind. All you have to do is accept Christ as the Lord and personal saviour.

You lose nothing accepting Christ, so why not give it a try? You stand to lose everything when you don't accept, and after life, you realise Heaven and hell is real. It might be too late by then. I hope this post helps bring you closer to God. I'm not a pastor, but you can comment with your questions and I will try answering them.


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