Sky Scrapers

Do we need them, and are we prepared?

There are a few high rise buildings here in Ghana. Majority of our buildings are below 4 stories high. This has resulted in a great waste of land resource. Every family wants to build a house and wall it.

Photo Credit : @mydivathings

Most houses in Ghana are detache and semi-detached houses. Most of them don't go beyond one story high. This has made getting land in the city centers very difficult. Most people are building away from the city, and work in the city centers.

The Ghana National Fire Service has indicated that they don't have the manpower nor resources to tackle buildings that are above 5 stories high. Does that mean we should not build high rise buildings?

I believe high rise buildigs can accomodate more people. We can utilise less land for more families. But that will mean, we need to have serious planning. We need to replan rhe whole city. We would need to break some buildings down in other to build some. Hopefully, we get to do this in the near future.

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