The Other Half (Burning Thoughts #2)


When we imagine the perfect relationship, more likely than not we imagine two persons who can share every single detail about their lives with each other. Isn't that what we all want? Someone who you know you can tell all your mistakes and not be judged, someone with whom you can share your triumphs without risk of envy.

I call this the 'other-half' syndrome. Others might refer to such persons as soul mates.

This, of course, will not mean that everything will always be peachy, but that's just one person with whom you can never stay angry, because you understand him/her so much. You just can't help it --any meeting with her leaves you smiling, ancyou lok forward to it everytime, no matter the amount of hours already spent together.

This is your other half.

The question, of course is, does this really exist? With the amount of broken hearts and unrequited love around, the tendency is to think it doesn't. But that isn't right. The other-half syndrome doesn't have to be about something supernatural. It doesn't have to be destiny or fate. Once one stops thinking in those terms, it's easy to realise that one can understand another to such heights as this. And yes, one can love to such heights as this.

The key to it all is patience in the search.

What do you think? Do other halves really exist? Let's know in the comments!

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