World Bit Bank - overview of the innovative bank

Hello! In this article I will talk about the changes in the banking industry. To date, the main issue is the question of how exactly modern digital developments, financial and financial institutions can help to conduct cash transactions in the present-day mode and at a minimal cost?

There are several mechanisms for conducting banking operations, which is what helped to create a scheme for transactions. The scheme is based on several components of the banking system: ATMs, banks, company, cards, stores. A long series of intermediaries with compulsory commission payments leads to large expenses for clients.

At this stage, it is planned to purchase ten existing banks, for infusion into the world economic system with the application of innovations in many countries. The first purchase of the bank will be carried out in the European Union. All banks will be guaranteed to be licensed, as they are in force. The central office will be located in Switzerland.

Undoubted advantage of WWB is the absence of borders, ease of use, rapid operations, maximum client control of data and facilities, authentication, open source code and minimum commission fees.

The goal is to provide quality additional services to the traditional banking sector from the electronic platform and integrate cryptoconversion in banking operations so that the townsfolk can apply the services of the project in everyday life.

Services: Crypto currency on debit cards, low fees for depositing and withdrawing deposits, legal currency within the system, refund of funds under the loyalty program, own exchange, leasing, payment by any crypto currency.

ICO and Wibcoin(WWB) tokens

The emission of tokens is one billion units.
At the stage of preliminary sales, the creators assumed a soft cap of 500,000 Euro, which is 667.61 ETH (marketing, technical development, development of a purse and an exchange, as well as a prototype of a mobile bank).
Hardcap is 25 million Euro.
1 Wibcoin = 1 Euro.
After pre-sale, the following exchange system will operate: kraken, bitfinex, polonix, binance, hitbtc,

The main stage includes a soft cap of 250 million Euro, and a hardcap of half a million. After the ISO, the network of crypto-currency banks will be established in different financial jurisdictions around the world, including countries such as the USA, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Brazil, India, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Japan.

Coin holders can purchase services within an ecosystem that provides huge business opportunities:

  • carrying out transactions with crypto currency regardless of geographic location;
  • attraction of financing for own project or business, offering digital assets in the form of bonds;
  • participants trade on the stock exchange;
  • Low commission fees for transactions;
  • Use of classical services of crypto-currency banks.
    When purchasing tokens more than 10 ETH, bonuses such as a free debit card are offered. Those who acquire less than one Ethereum will be provided with virtual cards.

Recently, there have been meetings with investors to demonstrate the development of venture funds. According to the plan, until June 2018, all stages of ISO will be held, for which the organizers want to receive twenty-five million euros for the purchase of a European bank. In the autumn of the same year, the development of software products for World Bit Bank will be carried out, and by the end of the year it is planned to purchase nine more banks in different countries and rebrand them.

WBB is a new stage in the banking world, which in the future can supplant the traditional banking system. It carries out the same services, but with more favorable terms for customers. Undoubtedly no one can predict how far the blockchain will go and everything connected with it, but at this stage it is being introduced into all spheres of human life. The sales phase is still ongoing, and the cost of the tokens is quite acceptable, so if you want to become part of the World Bit Bank, do not waste time. Good luck!

All the important information can be found here:
Official website:

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