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Due to introduction of blockchain the digital world got a safe register helping to watch the transactions of facilities. DAO is organization that gives to every business owner a method for the management of own firm. Except the need of involving of mediators during transactions, project of focuses not only on formation of firms, but yet on creation of collection of standards through that it is possible to carry out the decentralized conduct of any business.
xDAC is the small group of project DAO. This platform is considered a firm in the decentralized system. She has a built-in mechanism of rewards of every work, instruments allowing complex to manage, system of support of appendixes, internal agents that are based on EOS.
xDAC possesses the large number of advantages. Firstly, a project will provide users unimpeded permission of problems. At this time ordinary firms clash with by a great number financial problems and administrative barriers. Secondly, fee through ICO, treatment of payments cryptocurrency, calculations in the automatic mode give support both DApp and to the internal agents.

In the systems that exist today, such data as, a management, finances, personnel, is divide, and that is why they are considered not effective. Firms try, in order were observed laws. However now at the market any client has the opportunity to be regulated by various laws and companies that is needed in an order to create the systems of branches in the different states. In other words, firms do not almost control own operations, and that is why spend plenty of time and facilities on processes. Shareholders do not notice the mission of firm, they can not trace legal questions, facilities, work of every employee. Therefore investors and clients do not come running to the decision of spores or trials. As a rule, firms keep all information about clients, employees, partners, bank accounts, being under surveillance of country. That is why business becomes more vulnerable.
Next problem, consists in that everybody today uses cryptocurrency for the sake of speculation and realization on cryptocurrency exchanges. It results in large volatility on the markets of cryptocurrencies, consequently, exchanges are considered most weak in an ecosystem, they are frequently attacked by hackers and government.

Decision of xDAC
Due to a project next advantages will be reached users:

1️⃣ Companies will control an own management, facilities and commands
2️⃣ Partners will be able to make sure in that firms cooperating with them are considered reliable, using transparent control system and decision of spores here
3️⃣ Proprietors will be able to manage own firms and command, cryptocurrency, to keep information due to the decentralized register
A project is oriented to formation of the by volume system for every businessman, command, autonomous agent or investor in the world of cryptocurrencies that is able to get a benefit due to decentralization.

🔹xDAC links
🔷Mainnet https://xdac.co/
🔷Testnet https://test.xdac.net/
🔷ICO https://web.xdac.co/
🔷Whitepaper https://web.xdac.co/docs/xDAC-Whitepaper.pdf
🔷Facebook https://www.facebook.com/xdacco
🔷Twitter https://twitter.com/xdacco
🔷Medium https://medium.com/xdac
🔷Telegram https://t.me/xdacgroup

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