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👓Thinking of effectiveness of marketing in gaming- Yumerium

The old ways

Marketing was invented long before the rise of the gaming industry, so it did not have its unique methods of gamers’ acquisition for a significant amount of time. First of the specialist tried to implement the classic marketing methods and they had worked for several decades. Some of them work even now, but things has changed.

Free to play games become a standard of the industry. Most of games in this segment need gamers to play as long as possible so the developers may cover the expenses and start earning money. It is a difficult task, especially if we are talking about long-term prospects. 

Payed games have even more difficult situation, because they need to attract as much users as possible in short period of time. Sometimes marketing expenses for big games may cover almost half of a budget. It was a case, when CoD developers spend 60 million dollars for marketing and only 30 million for game development itself. This method worked, they get a lot of players in the game with bad optimization, so gamers’ dissatisfaction reached its peak. Promo told about great game, while in fact it was short and bugged. Is there a way to change situation in marketing? 

Decentralization = new opportunities

We all understand that marketing need to be reformed because expenses for gaining new users is extremely high in almost every digital sphere. But developers may not use old-fashioned methods, they may try new decentralized solutions and Yumerium in particular. 

In most gaming marketplaces you have to pay for competing with games that are not you actual competitors. The bigger the game the more money should be spend on promotion, but what about paying the players? It may sound insane until you do not understand how does it work.

The best way to show it is F2P games. Yes, you have read it right, developers are gonna pay players in free games and it will be still profitable for them. Many new free to play games appear every month and most of them are similar, so it is pretty hard to keep users from going to another game and to make them stay loyal.

The easiest way is to pay them with internal currency, because almost none of modern games may offer you play to earn model, but with Yumerium and its tools it will be possible. 

Players are able to spend this currency in your game and most of them would spend even more than they gain during playing. Moreover, developers can set different tasks like: login every day for 30 days or kill two bosses a week, so they players keep on entering the game and playing it. It is much more efficient than buying ads and the Yumerium is only platform with such opportunities. Check it out! 

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