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Well, it’s a complex process which involves the planning, analysis, design, implementation, maintenance and replacement of the highest quality of software for the lowest cost, and within the shortest time frame. What does this have to do with Zan Coin? Hold on, we are getting there.
There are a lot of things required to ensure the success of a SDLC, one of them is a dedicated and motivated team of developers and project managers. However, it’s not easy to build and maintain employee motivation through this complex process. It can be really tricky. This is where Zan Coin comes in. Let’s begin with the most obvious question;

Zan Coin is a cryptocurrency that was designed to increase the engagement and motivation of not just the developers, but the investors in the software development cycle too through the use of the Blockchain Technology.
The aim of the team behind this platform is simple, to introduce a cryptocurrency into an existing business model that has proven to be successful, and further improve this process and products.
In simple words, Zan Coin will be given as reward to developers and investors as a form of remuneration that can be cashed out or retained as investment in the further growth of the organization.
According to the whitepaper, the team behind this platform are confident that it can serve as tool for enhanced motivation and success in day-to day work and here is why.
Right now you are wondering, if the platform is about just motivating developers and investors, why not use another cryptocurrency, Bitcoin for example. Truth is, Bitcoin just wouldn’t do. It is limited by the speed of payment. Furthermore, there is the tax issues to consider.

Since the aim is to involve people in the platform’s business and bind the value of the currency to the platform’s success, the best method of achieving this aim is to hold the currency. By keeping the token in the pockets of the developers, they will feel safe knowing that their efforts will be rewarded every month. They’ll also be confident in the knowledge that each sale will generate more profit for them.
To further understand how Zan Coin works, you need to know its lifecycle.

About 70 percent of the tokens generated will be shared among the developers and investors after the Initial Coin Offering. This is a way of rewarding them for being the most significant contributors to the success of the project.
Another 20 percent of the coin will also be used to initiate payment to the developers. Think of it as a slow distribution of coin to a devoted team who have two options. They can either keep their shares as savings, or cash them out.
Investors are expected to start receiving their dividends when the project payment comes through. When the platform is paid in cash by the customers, it will be converted to Zan Coin and distributed to all investors involved in the project, including developers that retained their Zan Coins. However, this is dependent on the percentage of their shares.
Now, there is another question you are dying to ask, you want to know what will happen when you run out of coins, don’t you?

This is where things get interesting. After every sale, a Buy-Back option will be offered to investors. That means, the platform will offer to buy coins back from anyone that is willing to sell on the open market. Why offer this option, you ask? The answer is simple, to fuel the price of the coin.
Now you are wondering, what company buys back its own tokens? The type that needs them back to use as payment to people.

Here is the interesting thing about this whole process, the price of the coin will rise if people are not willing to sell. This will drive the price of the coin even higher. And a high priced coin is good, it can serve as source of motivation. Consequently, this will lead to a further increase in the value of the coin through improvement in the quality and sales of the platform’s products.

The Dividend strategy is simple, every sale will be divided by half. The company will receive the first half, while the other 50 percent will be shared among Zan Coin holders based on the proportion of coin they have. This means, both investors and developers will gain dividend from their own work.

Let’s use an illustration to explain better, shall we? Let’s start by assuming that 1 ZAN is 1 USD and James has 1 percent of the total. That means, when a 10,000 USD trade is completed, James is eligible for dividend. As said earlier, half for the company and half for the investor.

That means, 5000 Zan coins for the company and 5000 Zan coins for investors. James as a 1 percent share owner would be automatically entitled to 50 ZAN.
The platform is expected to pay a monthly dividend based on the monthly updates of the company’s sales result.

The fund that would be raised during the Initial Coin Offering will be divided into three parts;
Infrastructure/ Operations and Investment
The platform intends to build a strong testing and development infrastructure. This is supposed to serve the purpose of improving the business.

Another part of the fund will be dedicated to the expansion of customer portfolio. The methods used in this expansion will include;
• Face to face meetings with new clients
• Developing a formal partnership
• Hosting special events
• Participating in conferences etc.

It is important that an official certification be acquired on most of the products. For example, ISO 27001 and UAM compliance. The last part of the fund will be used for this expensive and resource intensive venture that will eventually increase sales and benefit investors and developers alike.

The total amount of Zan Coin supply is expected to be 17,148,385. The investors are expected to receive 70 percent of this amount; that’s 12,003,870. Another 15 percent will be allocated to the founders.
Affiliate and Bounty campaigns are expected to take 10 percent of the total token supply and the remaining 5 percent will be reserved.

The Zan coin launch event is divided into three. The pre-sale begins on the 13tth of May 2018 and ends on the 22ns of May 2018. The dates for the first and second rounds of the ICO are yet to be determined.



Authored by: ghklinc
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