ZAN Coin

A bold, innovative way to get paid fast, to invest and participate in software development and sales. We are a consulting company that has been experiencing constant issues with payments to our freelance developers. ZAN Coin will enable us to pay faster, work better, and get everyone involved in our success. With ZAN Coin will not just solve payment issues but also target 3 main points, plus a bonus feature Fast Payments Motivation Buy-back Dividends from each product sale Once we get the ZAN Coin started we will immediately start paying to our devs in tokens for our existing projects. They would decide if they want to keep the tokens as an investment of their own work or cash them out. On the other hand, each sale from our products will be converted into tokens and distributed equally amongst our ZAN Coin holders. The Buy-Back option is a way to keep the coin circulating and protect its growth. We produce software solutions that are sold separately to a large number of customers. Each sale generates income which will be converted to ZAN coins by buying them from the current holders or using our reserves. The total income will then be separated by 50% for the company and 50% for the token holders respectively. This would generate a passive income for those holders who helped boost our development and business.

About ZAN Coin
ZAN Coin will be a community of currency users who benefit from the software development, making profit at each level of the SL. We aim to achieve this through application of the blockchain technology to our existing business practices and employees.
ZAN Coin aims to introduce crypto in an existing business model that already works and improve its potential by raising the motivation of developers, increment the sales with better products, and speed up the process of payments and financial security.
Having vast experience with security consulting and software development we would like to take the SL to the next level. Faster, better and supported by a community of people who want to take part in a real business and do not entertain false hopes of 1000% jumps in 1 week. What we offer is real business profits with a real future potential.
We have many projects behind our backs and as blockchain believers we are really enthusiastic about involving crypto in our day-to-day work. We are confident that this would help take IT Consulting and Development to a whole new level.
The Dividend strategy is simple, every sale will be divided by half. The company will receive the first half, while the other 50 percent will be shared among Zan Coin holders based on the proportion of coin they have. This means, both investors and developers will gain dividend from their own work.

Let’s use an illustration to explain better, shall we? Let’s start by assuming that 1 ZAN is 1 USD and James has 1 percent of the total. That means, when a 10,000 USD trade is completed, James is eligible for dividend. As said earlier, half for the company and half for the investor.

The fund that would be raised during the Initial Coin Offering will be divided into three parts;
Infrastructure/ Operations and Investment
The platform intends to build a strong testing and development infrastructure. This is supposed to serve the purpose of improving the business.

Another part of the fund will be dedicated to the expansion of customer portfolio. The methods used in this expansion will include;
• Face to face meetings with new clients
• Developing a formal partnership
• Hosting special events
• Participating in conferences etc.

It is important that an official certification be acquired on most of the products. For example, ISO 27001 and UAM compliance. The last part of the fund will be used for this expensive and resource intensive venture that will eventually increase sales and benefit investors and developers alike.

The total amount of Zan Coin supply is expected to be 17,148,385. The investors are expected to receive 70 percent of this amount; that’s 12,003,870. Another 15 percent will be allocated to the founders.
Affiliate and Bounty campaigns are expected to take 10 percent of the total token supply and the remaining 5 percent will be reserved.

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