The Zero Carbon Project Aims to Reduce the Carbon Emissions

Climate change is a great international problem, which is comprehended by the majority of world's politicians. The Paris Climate Agreement was adopted in 2015, but almost no effective measures were implemented to improve the current situation. The renewable energy technologies performed good results in the climate change confrontation, but their cost is too high. There might be some progress in the climate change question, if the price of the renewable energy technologies is competitive to fossil fuels.

The solution suggested by the Zero Carbon Project founders provides a quick material impact on the situation. Zero Carbon Project is created to deal with the climate change problem using blockchain technology. The Project can provide a quicker reduction of carbon emissions. The core idea of the project is to use the international carbon credits, which are as effective in reducing total carbon output as the renewable energy sources, but their cost is much lower.

Components of the Zero Carbon Project

Zero Carbon Market is a key component of the Zero Carbon Project. It was designed as a dual solution to deliver a lower price energy contract and to reward users with the Energis tokens. The project customers are consumers and energy-suppliers. Consumers are supposed to make a profit from low-priced energy contracts. They switch to zero carbon energy contracts and receive Energis tokens as a reward for their contribution into the climate change question solution. Simultaneously, energy suppliers benefit from gaining new customers.

The Zero Carbon Market gives an opportunity for energy suppliers to offer consumers low-priced energy contracts. Then the consumer evaluates an offer and may choose one of them. When the agreement is concluded, energy supplier delivers the energy and render an invoice to the consumer directly, outside the platform frames. Energy suppliers source energy from renewable sources or compensate any fossil fuel emissions by purchasing international carbon credits. It allows energy suppliers to compete on price against carbon fossil fuel sources as far as the cost for usage of new renewable sources is still too high.

The current electricity and gas market situation

People all over the world have to purchase energy in regulated electricity and gas market, having no opportunity to switch to zero carbon energy. In order to make a positive impact on global carbon emission, driven by the consumer awareness of environmental problems, the Zero Carbon Project founders are willing to offer a new solution.

The Zero Carbon Market is a regulated market for consumers, who have a strong willingness to contribute to ecological situation evolution by using this market. Energis tokens are used both for transaction fee payments and to reward consumers of zero carbon energy. The project has already found its first supporter from China, who is ready to explore the market.

Token Sale Plan

According to the Zero Carbon Project founders, the idea of blockchain technology and international carbon credits collaboration is competitive and promising. The solution provided by the system is based on the existing technologies, which can have a positive impact on the current ecological situation. The project founders are aimed to hold marketing campaigns to support the Zero Carbon Project and become the market leader in this field.


This review by Bonanza Kreep is all opinion and analysis, not investment advice.

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