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ZUFLO - Trading Platform

Hi everyone! Today we will talk about a unique platform for trading and financing, which also has an architecture built on blockchain technology, and has the functions FX, AI and Proof of Business identity Sidechains. I represent to your attention Zuflo!
The main objective of the project is to create an easy-to-use integrated Blockchain / Sidechain platform for trade and Finance, where the user needs always come first. aims to become a platform for trade and Finance. Using technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to reduce the number of counter parties, which reduces the cost of services and the end user along with the new art of trade and Finance.The startup aims to become a trading and financial platform for the industry of the 4.0 era using technologies such as Blockchain & artificial intelligence to reduce the number of counterparties, thus reducing the cost of services and the end user, as well as the state of new trading and banking functions.

When referring to a Bank loan, we tend to worry about what we might have experienced at some point. Interests are high with a small loan, and even tedious procedures for obtaining such a small loan seem unworthy. One thing we need to keep in mind about banking and Finance is that, like any other company, the goal is to grow and growth can only happen when there is a profit. If the area does not match the expected population to obtain the necessary income, loans in such branches of the Bank may be difficult.
It is a big challenge for a beginner business to get cash to support their business. Online lending was not different in terms of the inability of SMEs to overcome the barriers to actually getting credit.

Zuflo offers credit to applicants, whether they have collateral or not, using a smart contract.
Blockchain-based digital IDs will be available to users so they can borrow. This identity will link everything that such a person is connected to. This person will act as a means of identification, as the name implies, or "economic passport" for the applicant.
Also, the platform will allow its users to improve efficiency, reduce errors, save time and process data without any intermediaries and with tools running AI (artificial intelligence). In addition, will enhance the ability of control and greater transparency of transactions on financing and trade.
By tokens and ICO:
The name of the token: ZFL.
Total issued tokens: 500 000 000 ZFL.
Price: 1 ZFL = 0.36 US $

Token sale (ICO period) 01 may 2018 to 30 may 2018
Pre ICO & ICO delivery Period 200 000 000 ZFL
Early investors receive the above discounts and other current privileges.
Tokens can be bought for: BTC, ETH, BCH.

The project also has a strong, well-equipped team, which has a strong mood, backed up by a huge amount of experience and knowledge, which is undoubtedly the most important element in any ICO project.


WalletETH: 0x07653461411F7FAB676bc75ec2f40fB350bA0e5D

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