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Why I moved From Steemit To Golos

I thought I tell you why I moved from Steemit to Golos, I posted something simalar to Weku and Steemit previously.

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So let's get on to why I jumped the Steemit ship
low earnings, when I first joined Steemit, I was getting a bit more, like sometimes I got 3 Steemit dollars, sometimes 80 cents. But my SBD and SP were building quickly. After a while, my earnings started to drop. The people who had enough Sp to give me rewards stopped seeing my posts, I don't know what happened to them. My SP was too weak to give myself anything. And I joined Steemit due to unemployment, being unable to find work. Then back in March, Steemit stopped paying users for posts lower than 3 cents. My 2 cent post would jump to zero around the payout time and I was mad, searching for answers. Thinking Steemit was taking my money. I had to use a service to upvote my low earning posts. I concluded that it will take forever to save up any money off of 3-4 cents a post. The service is called Dustsweeper, they upvote posts lower than 2 cents. And I get 3-5 cents from them.

Was a victim of downvote abuse
Around July, I was a victim of downvote abuse. A user was downvoting my posts on several accounts of said person. It was one person who made a lot of accounts to flag people. I did nothing wrong and people were downvoting my posts. I wanted to leave Steemit, but because it was my only money source, I had to stay. If people cannot leave a comment as to what you're doing wrong, then they are wasting their time flagging you. Abuser reports account downvoted my post, and nothing was wrong with the post they flagged, nothing! A user with the name Bernie Sanders flagged an innocent post and I lost my earnings because of his VP. People were coming at me just for using Steemit. If someones SP is high enough, they'll nuke your earnings when they flag you. And the post was faded out and when you click on it, it'll say the post was hidden due to low ratings.

No one was seeing my posts on Steemit
When ever I posted my YouTube videos, I posted them in blog form to Steemit. And no one would upvote it, and my Sp was too week to give myself anything, so I felt like I spend 15+ minutes writing out a post for no one to see it. Maybe by my posts getting so many false flags, maybe it pushed my post down further on the page, like on Reddit. A post that took me a half hour to write, got no attention. I was disapointed, at least on here, I get a couple upvotes.

I wanted a backup plan. For the past few days, I couldn't do anything on Steemit due to no RC. I didn't wanna just rely on Steemit in case something goes down.
These are all the reasons I can think of. I am hoping that trading your Golos credits for bitcoin happens soon, I would love for this to be a part time job. Even if I get 10 cents a post, beter than by posts going unnoticed on Steemit.

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