2 года назад

Rough Draft of New Golos Logo ! Golos Billboard in Moscow? I believe Golos needs more marketing and advertising in Russia! Golos Billboards in Moscow should be our Goal!

I hope this inspires some more Golos Logos projects! We need to get Golos billboards in Moscow

I believe Steemit And Golos will be the future of the decentralized internet

And golos will become #1 website in Russia! Even more popular than VK !

Check out this post by @erikkartmen about combining your Golos and VK blogs!

And start posting your Golos screenshots to Instagram! This is how i promote my steemit posts!

Se how much attention I am making on Instagram?? It is all Steemit and Bitcoin Crypto currency related posts and screenshots from my Steemit Blog and Wallet! Next will be my Golos Ad for Steemit to advertise to all my Russian Instagram friends which I have many! I invite you to follow me on Instagram.com/ackza770 where all I post is about Blockchain Bitcoin Steem and now Golos!

If you have a steemit account come follow my friend steemit.com/@tytran and leave a comment predicting what you think will happen with Crypto Prices and you could win over 200 SBD !

If you have questions about bitcoin steemit crypto or making money mining or marketing, feel free to email me zackza@gmail.com or text/call me (619) 302 0398 but iPhone stuck in reboot loop, so instead just please text 619 500 3748 and....

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