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Today it seems the more we progress forward in technology and evolution, the more the rate of various sought of crimes keeps popping up from every corner and this have made people to be careful of their privacy.

While purchasing some items from the united states, I always make use of a third-party address in the united states (friends address) who in turn facilitates the delivery of my packages to me who is outside the states. A couple of times my friend has told me of scenarios where he was traced home because of the parcel he was carrying by thugs who intended to steal these items.

We didn’t know how but they most likely got the address from the packages, since logistics companies always include addresses in their packages. This have resulted in him finding other means of thwarting their advices by using other locations as delivery channels. This might sound trivial, but in real sense it is a very important subject as lives could be lost through this sort of avenue but sadly the last-mile logistics company to not take the privacy of their customers seriously.

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NEXTPAKK logistics have seen the dangers and havoc this lack of privacy could cause and therefore are here to resolve this problem through their own platform.


Since the emergence of the blockchain, the technology has been known to disrupt the way things are being done today and that is why NEXTPAKK is using this same technology to build a last-mile logistic company which will provide customers with adequate privacy.

In totality, NEXTPAKK logistics hopes to reinvent the logistics industry to life using the disruptive capability of the blockchain.

For those who do not know, last-mile logistics is simply the logistic company responsible for delivering customer packages directly to their door step.

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The platform will be using blockchain technology to create a decentralized marketplace which will compromise of online shoppers, local businesses and local drivers. Local businesses will be used as delivery point for goods while local drivers will be responsible for giving customers an on-time, convenient and secure package delivery. Personal information will be written on parcels using encrypted labels and will be made known to local drivers on a need to know basis only.


  • Shoppers gets to take complete control over their delivery time, privacy and more.
  • Reduced incidence of failed package due to customers not being home at the time of delivery
  • Transparency, as customers will be able to ascertain where their parcels are at all times
  • Data privacy through encrypted labels and much more.


Image result for nextpakk icoThe team behind this innovative project is headed by Lowell Fortune who is a USAF veteran and has had years as a web developer, nuclear missiles launch commander and a logistics specialist, and he is being is backed up by a team of well experienced individuals in the same industry.



The platform will be operated using PAKKA Token, and currently the platform is offering out tokens on their ICO. This is the perfect opportunity to amass tokens before the total launch of the platform, so I suggest you dive right in.

Website: https://www.nextpakk.com/
telegram: https://t.me/nextpakk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nextpakk
ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3340387.msg34956348
whitepaper: https://s3.amazonaws.com/nextpakk-assets/docs/pakka-ico-whitepaper.pdf
facebook: https://facebook.com/nextpakk
Username: Vocalwalls
Bitcointalk Profile Url: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1825008
wallet address: 0x4e643A7C0E494dd7463B5F10b7Bc5F7f8BA702CD

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