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Bistox Project Overview - part 2: the Roadmap, Partners&Team

Hello everyone, here is the final part of my review of the Bistox project. It will be interesting, read to the end!

Bistox contains a large number of advantages according to comparison with advanced exchange coding points. Its main task is to provide economic support to absolutely all cryptoasset holders. The numerical macroeconomics of a block cryptographic exchange based in a chain of chains is considered the main idea of the creators. It is worth noting that the site will apply its know-how NEM.


Unfortunately, the project has not yet created a roadmap, but I asked the developers if it would be. I was told that very soon we will see it.


Partners in the project is not a lot, but they are very important and influential organizations: Bloomberg, NEM, Identity Mind Global. And now a little about them. Bloomberg is one of two leading financial information providers for professional financial market participants. NEM The NEM blockchain platform was originally designed for scaling and speed. In the end, it became a system of intellectual assets. Identity Mind Global is a multifunctional platform that analyzes different types of information.


At first glance, the team is not large, but as far as I understand, it's not all on the website. However, after analyzing all the information about these people, I realized that the team is strong.

Arutyun Nazaryan is the Founder and Chairman.

Previously worked with MORNINGSTAR Technologies. Austen Gardiner is COO. He previously worked with Deutsche Bank. German Sidorenko is a CTO, previously worked with RBS. Dona S. Padmaperum is a Project Coordinator. She previously deal with ADCB.

Among the advisors, we can see only four people. The most important among them is Nelz Valero. He is considered as NEM Foundation Chief.

D. A. N. N. I.

As I promised, now we are going to talk about DECENTRALIZED ARTIFICIAL NEURAL NETWORK INTEGRATION. It is an expert according to his own studies, which investigates market information in the order of the present period and gives monitoring and rulings based in a wide experiment of high-class traders. The concept gives its own users prevention and notification in order to improve risk management. I must say that this thing is very useful in trading, you will feel it, if would participate in this project.

This development will help users:
1. Analyze your real-time strategy.
2. Reduce the risk of injury.
3. Create a targeted news feed to search for signals.
4. Create an event calendar for analyzing data.
5. Offer options strategies based on the behavior and strategies of other well-known and successful traders.


This project is strange and extraordinary. A great team with advisors, an interesting concept of multifunctional artificial intelligence, which greatly influences the participant's profit, influential partners, as well as the absence of White Paper and the road map give rise to many questions. After analyzing all the nuances, all the positive and negative sides, I can put this project 10 out of 12. That's all, I wish you all successful projects, wait for the next review, goodbye!

Official links to the Bistox project:
Website: https://bistox.com
Whitepaper: https://bistox.com/content/documents/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/Bistox
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5037289.0

Author of the article:
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