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Overview of MONET project and the team

Hello everybody! Today we will continue looking at the challenging project called Monet.Network, the main goal of which is to create an ecosystem, which would unite users without external servers.


In my opinion, the developers concentrated on creating a convenient service exactly for users. For sure, companies eventually will be able to make important transactions in Monet.Network, but now, a huge work has been done to increase speed, safety and convenience for people! This is good news. Let’s sort out the project’s advantages.

Considering the fact, that the platform has open network architecture, the first advantage for users is a possibility to connect to each other for a while. No matter is the person online or not, he’s going to get the information given by the other side. The advantage itself is direct cooperation between users without third parties. All the transactions are absolutely transparent. One more important advantage is security. The blockchain technology, smart-contracts and the whole ecosystem create a layer to protect people from cyber attacks and personal data theft. The next advantage is fast work of network distribution. That’s because the developers took care of scaling, which is why the efficiency of the system has increased by several times. About several thousand transactions are processed every second with Monet.

The most pleasant bonus for users is lack of fees. Nobody likes to pay extra money and we don’t have to when there’re no third parties.


This year developers planned to create the conception of the project, test networks and more. Let’s learn about several important steps:

1. Creating of Babble library for Android and IOS. This network will make a clear order of events. Babble is that kind of thing that is going to change centralized servers. As you might have understood, two main mobile SWs are available.
2. Creating of smart-contract pattern. The Babble clients are needed to be registered. Smart-contracts are good possibility to accomplish contract terms. By the way, it’s all done automatically. So again, the risk of cheating reduces to zero as everything’s automated. Transactions are fully trackable and incovertable.
3. Interface, which is compatible with other blockchains. I think the importance and convenience of this step are quite obvious, so we’re not going to talk about them much, but one thing I can say for sure: the project won’t be detached from other blockchain platforms and that is definetely good news.


Information about partners is going to appear right after the project’s ICO.


The team is quite small compared to other projects, but every member of the team is an experienced specialist in his sphere. Probably small number of team members will be even better for project’s success.

The CEO of the project, who is also the founder of Babble, is Martin Arrivets. He also possesses huge experience in creating SW for blockchain.

His assistant and co-founder is Giacomo Puri Purini. As far as we know, he works with Boston Fund. Most likely, this is going to play some role in the project development.

Kevin Jones worked on SW development for several years for Mosaic Network. By the way, he has even dealt with radio-locating signals, which is extremely valuable experience!


I liked the project. I wish the ICO appeared soon, so I could create a full view of my vision. The project’s aims are quite clear and it is going to succeed if it cooperates with investors. This means the project will be a breakthrough, so we only have to wait.

Official links to the MONET project:
Website:  https://monet.network
Whitepaper:  Monet.network
Telegram: https://t.me/MonetNetwork 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MonetNetwork

Author of the article:
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