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Overview of the Quant Network project: assistance in using blockade technology

Quant Network, one of the trending projects in its sphere, is now trying to climb on the global stage. To put it simply, this project helps applications realize their work using blockchain technologies.

The companies who want to connect blockchain service to their products have 2 scenarios.

The first one is using a standart scheme by themselves. Then they are getting the following benefits and implications. The benefits are that there are still some software keeping the work. The negative side is that most functions are just useless for this particular company.

It's kind of a good thing, but most companies don't have money to keep such expensive specialists. It also should be mentioned that not everybody works fairly. A lot of people tend to cheat.

The second variant solves all the problems by using Quant Network service and connecting it to their products or application. Developers will make everything carefully. The company itself works on a blockhain principle and that's why there's no reason to worry. All the payments and transactions made between you and your company are going to be automatically protected.

You'll be sure that your software development is under the professionals supervising and it's gonna be fine. I think it's perfect when you get many advantages. It's also worth mentioning that the company will be available all around the world, so any organization can apply for the developments.


Quant network refuse intermediaries, hidden fees and transactions.

The project gives the opportunity to set all the block-scheme connections individually. The company provides one of the well-run and poweful tools so that their clients reach all the goals. Also, Quant Network solves lots of problems connected with scheme development.

As a result we can see really good companies rise to a new level to give something to every country.

The world gets really valued companies and forgets about intermediaries and cheaters.

ICO and distribution of tokens

The project decided to release about 15 million QNT. The token rate is currently equals 1ETH=687QNT. It's all built on the ERC20 standard base. From all the QNT 68% are going to be on sale and the rest (31,91%) is going to be kept. On the picture below we see 13,67% (43% of 31,81%) of all Quant Network tokens that will be spread among  founders, partners, staff members, consultants. Some part also goes as a fee for supply service (12 months of retention period for them). 18,13% (57% of 31,81%) of all Quant Network tokens will be used as a reserve during many years for operation spendings and Quant ecosystem development.

This company has already begun making huge steps forward and develops fast. It is a good opportunity to analyze the project once more and pour some cash. The project, of course, should develop well. It demands some amount of money to go smoothly.

The team

At the moment the team consists of real technology and business monsters. They notice every single detail. Every of them has more than 10 years experience of really hard projects. For instance, Colin Paterson. He has 20-year experience of hard developments.

Quant Network plans

The company is serious about its development and now has 10 steps to complete for going global. At the moment project is on the 7th step. All the details should be taken into account. Also some additional modules should be developed. The interface is being customized too. In addition, the company decided to show all the developments codes for other professionals so they could agree with them or give recommendations to other people.


I suppose it's a luxurious offer for investors. Just imagine how many companies can go global and get orders from all over the world. Don't forget that you're going to have a long-term income which is really important for you. After looking into Quant Network, I can say that the company deserves respect, because it helps different companies enter into a world market which are ready to provide high quality products. The project lets the companies connect the blockchain technology and finally get rid of all the intermediaries, hidden fees and transactions. It's quite convenient for users. Both sides are going to be sure that they won't be cheated.

It's kind of an ecosystem creating blockchain technologies. Every project can get everything it needs. You save your budget and nerves, because Quant Network has only professionals in their team.

These are the people that are called to help you avoid mistakes in block scheme development and other functions. These mistakes could lead to troubles in future.

That's what really fits investors. Thanks to the project they will get additionl income from their investments and see the new companies creating so called quality ecosystem together.

More information about Quant Network can be found on the official links:  

Website:  https://www.quant.network 
Whitepaper: https://objects-us-west-1.dream.io/files.quant.network/Quant_Overledger_Whitepaper_v0.1.pdf 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quantnetwork 
Twitter:  https://www.twitter.com/quant_network
Telegram: http://telegram.quant.network 
Medium: https://medium.com/@quant_network    

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