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2 weeks, 14 days… before AKAIITO Pre-ICO

Exactly today it is 1 full week since Akaiito went public. Before that Akaiito team has worked on the project for 1 year, but haven't been sharing it with community. The first week of publicity was very exciting for Akaiito. We are believing so much in Akaiito idea and we sincerely hoped, that community will get our idea with the same excitement as we. We are glad to say, that community took the idea very well! What has happened during this first week?

Akaiito Community in Telegram has welcomed 630 members. Thank You all for joining and we hope, that You all will be with us during the whole journey. As first joiners among other millions, which will come :) . https://t.me/akaiito_community
We got a lot of followers and friends in social media’s: 372 friends on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/officialakaiito/, 662 followers on Twitter https://twitter.com/OfficialAkaiito, 342 on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/akaiito.io/. Only one resource is a bit struggling, but we sincerely hope, that our community is reading us on Medium as well, cause here we actually post full versions of all articles (Medium: only 8 followers).
Akaiito got into ICO lists in: https://foundico.com/ and https://concourseq.io/Q/Akaiito. For the upcoming week we are planning to list in 3–5 more sources.
Akaiito Team (Founder and CEO) has visited WBC Summit in Moscow. You can read about it more in our previous article.
So it is 14 days until Pre-ICO. Super great offer is coming after 2 weeks: 60% bonus during Pre-ICO (for every 1 AIC will be added 0.6 AIC, what will summarize to 1.6 AIC)! There will be released 1 million of AIC tokens. Only 2 weeks to get this amazing offer and join Akaiito on the very first stage!

Akaiito Official

"Akaiito - use cryptocurrency in everyday life." Cryptocurrency came to this word as iconic step of transition to…
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