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Alfa-Enzo as a social blockchain platform. Alfa application

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The Alfa-Enzo project is the world's first decentralized social platform, which is also an operating distribution system, which sets the main task of the mass introduction of blockchain technology into our daily lives. This platform also allows any user to trade their data and goods, thereby creating a mutually beneficial economic system.

It is not a secret for anyone that in our modern technological world, if you possess information, then many possibilities are subject to you. But in fact, it turns out the opposite, we do not own information, but centralized services, such as Google or other social networks, collect our personal data and use it for their own commercial or other purposes. This forces users to go into the shadows and in every possible way avoid leaks of their data. For these reasons, the Internet has become more closed and centralized over time, in contrast to the times when it first appeared. Having a database of our data, centralized services sell it to third parties, and unobtrusively make us look at content that is beneficial for them, mainly advertising. The majority of Internet users do not have enough knowledge. In order to prevent the leakage of their personal data, they simply turn a blind eye to everything that happens and do their usual business. This is what centralized services use. But this is only a small part of the existing problems. A more serious problem is that centralized monopolies, owning a huge database can influence the political regime of a single country.

To solve these problems, the Alfa-Enzo platform was developed, which is the operating system for the EON network - Enzo Operating Network. Unlike centralized services, EON is a completely transparent and secure decentralized data economy, in which each ecosystem member is able to receive rewards for its active participation in the development of the platform. No intrusive ads. No sales of your personal data to third parties. Want to earn on advertising views - this is your full right. Your data is completely under your control. The platform has also been designed for easy interaction between people and data so that people can feel in the digital world as if they were real.

Alfa application:

Applications Alfa is a unique, internationally patented graphical user interface that is part of the EON operating system. Alfa provides users with a convenient and easy interface for business through instant blockchain transactions. The application will ensure stable operation on any device, regardless of the screen size, be it a tablet or a smartphone. Using an encrypted chat, Alfa will provide its users with an additional level of security.

An amazing feature of the Alfa application is the fact that if you, for example, took a photo a week ago and forgot to upload it to the network, this is not a problem, since the platform is temporary. With the application, you can publish this photo, returning back to the past at that very moment in time. The time interval is not limited to 1 week, it can be any time. All time frames are erased. All unique is simple - so you can say about the application Alfa. Thanks to blockchain technology, all transactions are transparent, fast and secure.

Project Token Features:

The NZO Token will mainly be used to make all payments, including the sale and purchase of goods, both physical and digital, within the framework of the Alfa-Enzo platform, as well as on other decentralized applications in which the EON network will be implemented.

  • Remuneration to miners of the EON network for assistance in processing transactions and smart contracts.
  • Payment for services created on the application platform.
  • Payment for safe and secure storage of personal information on the platform.
  • Payment for the creation of advertising content through the system of Push-notifications.

The value of the Enzo token will in every way depend on the involvement of new users on the platform. The more activity on the platform, the greater the demand for it and, accordingly, its price.


The basic idea of the developers is very clear. The ability to provide an alternative decentralized platform for trade in goods and data instead of an outdated centralized system is essential. Through the massive introduction of blockchain technology into our lives, the solutions offered by the Alfa-Enzo platform will be highly relevant and in demand in society.

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