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FlyCare ICO (FCC Token): Health, Fitness & Personal Care

ICC FlyCARE is an excellent example of how a unit integrates the next generation health, finance and transaction system with personal health care along with it. These are the inherent properties of a cryptographic platform that provides a new level of integrity in the world of personalized medical care.

Аbout the project

FlyCARE is a personal wellness and medical platform on the detachment, the purpose of which is to provide affordable and portable health care anywhere and anytime. In their view, the platform hopes to connect patients with practices and providers providing home care.

FlyCARE Healthcare platform structure
FlyCARE strives to provide a unique ecosystem along with an ergonomic package of equipment in accordance with their mobility concept. Here are the main options for this:

Flybox - with the help of health professionals flyCARE offers a revolutionary module for the equipment needed to visit a home at the home of a practitioner
The FlyCARE application (FlyPro and HappyFly) is synchronized with a digital health ecosystem that acts as a contact portal for patients recognized and verified by doctors on the flyCARE token
FlyCARE - the flyCARE token (FCC) is a means of paying for transactions between users seeking home health care services.

How it works?

Proven health professionals are provided with the flyBox module to increase mobility of the services offered while on the move. The turnkey solution will consist of revolutionary equipment and medical equipment designed to provide a completely mobile device for health.

Patients seeking medical services are able to contact practitioners via the flyCARE platform and payments in the FCC token. flyCARE also guarantees that the terms of service will be met until the debt is repaid.


Integrity - with FCC tokens there is unauthorized access to transaction logging between users, providing a new level of payment tracking

Automatic verification - flyCARE automatically checks and verifies the terms of each service contract to ensure that the conditions become a reality

Using clever agreements does not leave room for user fraud, reducing the likelihood of counterfeiting

Transparency and accuracy provided by the blockbuster will not leave room for errors in transactions, calculations and associations.

The flawless design and hygiene of flyBOX facilitate a user-friendly module for physicians to use while driving.

Continued development through flyCARE, working in cooperation with medical equipment and small equipment suppliers

ICO Details

Pre-delivery information:
Start from May 14, 2018 to July 14, 2018 with 32.5 million deliveries.
The first depositors receive weekly bonuses of 20%, 15%, 10%, 5% and 0%, in the respective weeks

Begins on June 11, 2018 and will be supplied in the amount of 97.5 million.
Tokenov (75%) Bonus 10% and 5% for two weeks of sale

Information on the token:

Symbol - FCC
Platform - Ethereum
Accepted currencies - ETH
The price for the token is 1 FCC = 0.2 EUR
Total issue - 200,000,000
Hard Cap - 26 million USD
Soft Cap - 1 Million USD

ICO Sale- 65%
The reserve fund is 25%
Team and advisors - 10%


flyCARE provides one of the most carefree levels of connection to healthcare. Thanks to strong smart contracts and automatic authorization provides access to a diverse range of services through digital infrastructure. Although the current system is not open to full support for security and interoperability, flyCARE systems meet all of these challenges, and this can be a response to health mobility.

For more information:

Website: https://flycare.com/
Technical description: https://flycare.com/assets/FC-White%20paper-02-05-18-EN_double_en_continu.pdf
twitter: https://twitter.com/care_fly
medium: https://medium.com/@flycare
Telegram: https://t.me/flyCARE

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636885

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