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Increase your capital with Callisto network ...

I am happy to welcome my readers! Today I want to let you know about the Callisto Network project. Callisto Network - ran a project that was successfully traded on the stock market, namely: stocks.exchange, bitebtc.com, ooobtc.com. The company plans to list on such well-known trading platforms as Yobit, Hitbtc, Kucoin. Callisto Network is a branch of Ethereum Classic. He has a team, working with the main ETC project team. Callisto is a distributed network with open source, based on Ethereum source code. Callisto's goal is to create a secure, future-proof network to develop and improve protocols. Callisto Network will be a kind of help for the main network

The main objective of Callisto Network - to reduce transaction time and pay commission on Ethereum Classic, as well as the establishment and development of a vehicle control system. One of the goals Callisto Network - a new concern in Ethereum Classic, which should increase the turnover of the coin.

What kind of callisto and what happened?

Sidechain (from the English side chain - Sidechain) - allows tags and other digital assets to be safely blocked using blokcheyne in other blockcheyne and then (if needed) to be returned to the original blokcheyn.

Hardfork - major changes in the code that changes the protocol structure to reduce costs or to speed up transactions, resulting in a metaphorical fork.

Callisto Network - a hierarchical platform that is open source, source-based, go-ethereum and c own CLO cryptocurrency. And today it's just a free airdrop, and not a disconnection, as many believe confused.

One of Ethereum's weaknesses is the safety of smart contracts. Hacking of smart contracts leads to the loss of millions of the entire ecosystem.

Callisto Network has built an automated system for auditing (smart) contracts, and aims to improve the security and reliability of the system. It is better to spend a little time on the audit and release a more reliable product then to lose the huge funds of the investors.

They want to pay for the audit of smart contracts with the help of a cold steak fund for a certain group of auditors.

Ethereal contracts are often broken, resulting in the loss of a large sum. Callisto Network has created its own contract audit department. Anyone can check their contract with them, and Callisto Network will find all the holes in your contract. All intellectual contracts will be checked in Callisto will be written to the blocking chain. Network Callisto employs professional auditors of smart contracts that can conduct audits in the shortest possible time.

All Callisto Card Buyers (CLOs) will become participants throughout the process of what is happening. In addition, each participant can influence the system, providing their network improvement options. Each participant also votes on accepting or not accepting new network enhancements. The deposited tokens will be rewarded to those who will send their team tokens themselves for a smart contract, thus freezing them for a month, back cards with additional interest that will be charged for storing your cards. .

The project team consists of professionals who know most of the blockcheyne, and are dedicated, leading the project to the public.

It is worth noting the road map a map showing all the next changes in the project, namely by the end of 2018 the team intends to launch a portable version of the bag, as well as 10 % of all cards will be allocated a separate smart deal for a bonus user who has already passed their card on the store. In early 2019, it is planned to support eWASM. Then, the update will be launched in mid-2019, after which all tokens will be able to make changes to the project and have the right to vote on a range of solutions to improve. network. In addition, after the decision is made, the Network Callisto team will allocate funds for this change.

Milestone: The first difficult fork in Callisto to be held November 11, 2018 will be put into effect on the Cold Steykinga Protocol.

This would allow people to store CLO coins in their cold wallets to receive coins. Is a deposit in the bank. This fund will be allocated 10% of the total amount

The second core will be held on May 5, 2019.

The size of the stolen stock will account for 30% of the total amount of coins.

Holders of coins will have the right to vote for the revolution that will develop

That is, the project chip is to create an autonomous network management hierarchy. Managed by the owner.

Cold-steak is an account that has blocked its money in a Callisto Treasury Intelligence contract for 1 month or more. Coldstakeers will receive CLO money to participate in the development of the project and retain money in the purse. In other words (the frozen fund to have something to pay for the auditor's job, and that all will sell everything and the CLO fund to pay for the auditor's job would not have been. , but for the fact that you hold money, then your reward for your patience)


The POW algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto (Ethash)
Distance between blocks: ~ 15 seconds.
Reward: 600 CLO (30% of treasure)
100% compatible with Ethereum virtual machine
Maximum volume of problem: 6 500 000 000 CLO. a CLO will cost less than $ 1 if you issue at least 10% of the token at the same time
The biggest owner of the CLO
Especially on Whippewind did not bother .. a few technical features, distribution and road map ...

Now we are at this stage. Checked checkboxes.

Q1 2018

Run a test network with the current go-ethereum client, compatible with Byzantium (completed).
Create an open infrastructure for developers (implementation).
Updated Wallet classic Wallet, added support Callisto (implementation) on it.
Q2 2018

Updated ClassicMask wallet, added support for Network Callisto on it.
Discover the feasibility of implementing POS and dPOS protocols.
Q3 2018

Support for DexNS for Callisto
Run Testnet 2.0
Create a marketing team
Run the volume analysis program with advanced functions, such as:
A convenient, readable trading platform, including smart deal
The token analysis program
Network support check (Callisto, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic)
Q4 2018

Application launcher / mobile wallet for Callisto, Ethereum Classic and Ethereum, compatible with Ethereum user buttons.
Activate the ETC-CLO exchange channel
Scheduled hard disk # 1: Make cold steak
Q1 2019

Research the ability to support eWASM
A new address type (address c). Introduction to address abstraction.
Perform SWARM test.
Q2 2019

Study the possibility of introducing support for sidecynes (complementary chain congestion)
November 2019
Scheduled hard disk # 2: Internal control system (managed)


In general, Network Callisto can improve the scalability and security of ethereum classic. I did not find the information on the transaction speed. But before the project is still a long way. This is the end of 2019. Most likely the first three months of the CLO coin will fall, and then growth will begin. But you can store them to get a certain rate later. I doubt that this will be around 10% per year. I have not found the correct information.

My idea

The company's Callisto network looks very promising. One of the key moments is that the platform will use the available contract mechanisms to address auditing tasks. Now is a very convenient time to enter this company. The price of the card at this time is $ 0.028050 (June 20, 2018). Although all cryptocurrency does not go to the top, there is a deeper look on the Callisto Network project, which in the future will regret that they do not do it right now.

Network Callisto Official Contact And Channels

Website: https://callisto.network/
WhitePaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18NsazbbcMwmas7TIZRbDslIfNCVeLgBY/view
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CallistoSupport
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/callistonetwork/
Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636885

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