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Kittoken - a self-managing financial system based on the P2P process based on the open source platform KitPay

The fire about the crypto-currency is rising, people have heard it, and more people want to find out more about it and want to find a way to be a part of it. When Blockchain technology came in, many things changed, for better. Many businesses have developed, so many companies have started to use their crypt money for their work. New ideas come every day. People want to invest in new projects. We have the largest vehicle in the world and this is called the internet. The Internet is a huge base of knowledge on which we can do everything. The Internet has connected the whole world.
Because of the access to the internet, we can get information about the most incredible encryption project known as Kit token.

Kittoken is a self-governing financial system based on an open source platform called KitPay with P2P processing. As the "Organic Growth Profit Sharing Program", Kittoken is determined to develop a blockchain-based financial ecosystem.
technology. Kittoken uses the value transfer protocol to ensure peer-to-peer transfer of payments from one person to another. It also aims to create a decentralized platform for faster and faster transaction rates. Current payment systems have a number of disadvantages that need to be updated, and for this reason Kittoken,
innovative digital mobile payments.
How KitPay Works

KitPay runs as a central server in a blockchain infrastructure distributed from a network-attached hub. KitPay will enable users to own a wallet that stores, trades and exchanges KitToken in daily traditional economic activities. Kittoken owners benefit from the proper use and discretion of the Kittoken value. As a result, Kittoken owners receive a profit share from Kittoken business activities through a Point of Sale (POS) Program.


The payment processing industry is the biggest target of hackers and hunters. Billions are lost annually, because most of the existing financial systems are dependent on the security of the database security system, which can be violated by brute force attacks. Millions of people are losing money or being exposed to identity theft because of sensitive information, inefficient system. In addition, the transaction fee has been explored to facilitate the availability of a secure digital payment system for ordinary people at the outskirts.


Kittoken aims to provide a sustainable financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology. The platform will use value transfer protocols to facilitate the transfer of payments between peers, between the customer-business world and the business world. The ecosystem will have the following characteristics in the finance sector:

Safe and precise environment
Merchants and individuals link each other
Low cost, fast and reliable transactions
Profit sharing among owners
Strong asset-backed business activities
Self-managing technology and global money transfer

Secure payment transfers - Unlike the existing payment and remittance options, Kittoken will be safer because it is based on blockchain technology. It would be impossible for hackers and networkers to violate the block chain because they use advanced hash functions that provide protection from hackers and other network based attacks. This ensures the safety of operations.

Fast global transactions - making transfers around the world is slow, due to the ability to make payments and resolve payments. Kittoken will offer an alternative that allows real-time payments anywhere in the world. This will be especially useful for e-commerce and drop shipping operations based on fast transfers.

Low transaction costs - Most of the existing payment transfer methods require high transfer fees. Most of them charge 10-20% in transfer costs. This is especially high given the unsecured nature of these transactions. KitTokens will make some of its transaction costs more cost-effective for sellers and sellers.

Sharing the profit share among the owners - KitToken provides additional benefits by sharing the gains from the transactions with the token owners. Kittokens holders will be given regular airbags. This offers a passive income opportunity that does not require skill or investment.

Reputable and compatible - Kittoken is a crypto currency officially registered to the Malaysian government, to be traded in an SEC-compliant clearing transaction. This provides a legitimacy that most of the other crypto money does not have. It will also be subject to new regulations by the SEC or MAS.

Kittoken developers have been working in the past few months to make it easy to integrate the Kittoken payment system into any merchant's e-commerce store. In addition, mobile applications will be launched to make it easier for users who are not capable to deal with crypto money to do things easily.



Token name: KitToken
Symbol: KIT
Decimal: 18
Cost per coin: US $ 0.05
Total Supply: 8 Billion
Reserve: 2.5 Billion
For Sale: 3.5 Billion
Airdrop + Bonuses: 2 Billion

ICO and pre-sales information
Early bird sales event: 20 - 25 July (70% Bonus)
July 26-31 (50% bonus)
ICO sales: 1st stage -Avust 1 to 10 (Bonus 30%)

phase - 11 - 20 August
Do not miss this convincing investment opportunity, please visit our website: https://kittoken.net, for more coin sales details such as contract address.

Coin distribution


JULY 2017
Concept design
Investigations on crypto-money market and transfer tool between ASEAN countries

Technical specifications and survey of money transfer users
New, inexpensive and reliable payment method travel agencies

Networking between enterprise and CryptoCurrency network
Upcoming financial and technical partners
Creation of human resources necessities for operational purposes

Quarter 1 of 2011
Finalizing the necessary financial procedures with local and international bodies

KIT token website and wallet development
Establishment of technical partners

APRIL 2018
Kittoken alpha platform and presentation homework

JULY 2018
World crypto entity blockchain alliance ASIA summit July 7, 2018
Kit Token air conditioning and all possible social media
Kittoken's sale on July 20

3rd quarter of 2018
August 2018

Kittoken ICO launch
1 - 10 - ICO stage (30% Bonus)
ICO's 11th - 20th - Phase II (20% Bonus)

KitPay web wallet and mobile apps Version 1.0 launch

Strengthening business development and partnerships
Actively exhibiting KitToken through an international forum

2019 and 2020
Initiation of KitToken.Inc travel and tour project
Partnership with local and international banks
Listing on the big stock exchange

Initiation of Kittoken Neurosciences Project
Listing on the big stock exchange

Kittoken Oil Bunkering Project Begins
Listing on another major stock exchange

Launching more mega projects in the future
Listing on about 25 major stock exchanges


Website: https://kittoken.net
White Book: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/030bdbd0-d698-4aa3-ba4d-d2bc680f2ec9/downloads/1chf5j90p_313571.pdf
Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4557979.msg41057899#msg41057899
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TokenKit
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KitTokenOfficial

Author: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1636885

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