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Globex SCI trade with academic writing

Globex SCI can be called a "big brain" that stores and distributes scientific learning through a chain of squares containing data. Blockchain will change the general concept of academic heritage that makes it more secure and open to general use.
Why Globex SCI
Globex SCI will simplify trade writing with academic writing, investigate insightful compositions and provide a payment component related to money for authors in the light of ranking by the amount of downloads.
The biological community of Globex SCI is enhanced by various scientific studies, open information and clinical results that are exchanged for the block chain. This allows for the deep innovation of learning and recognition of requests based on the correct organization of information and search of new materials.
Its central goal
Its central goal is to establish a strong link between researchers from all over the world and provide them with a stage for scientific learning trade from a wide range of areas. They trust that the quality lies in solidarity; Therefore, aggregated information promotes new revelations for humanity.
Globex SCI Stadium
The scenario shares the clients into two classifications: perusers and fabricators. Perusers who have chips (later in coins) use them to buy membership or one-time access to the scientific database. Content creators get rewards encrypted for their substance depending on the number of requests for their articles. The excavators retain part of the database of scientific articles that provide space for the hard drive and the computational power to handle the discarded information. Miners get rewards for each external access to their articles that are stored in their gadgets. For distribution of distributed information, we use additional servers that provide greater security for the substances. Sponsors Due to the qualities of the stage, the level of participation in the study of the substance remains high. This allows you to customize the customer base by launching it to the promoters using the RTB and DMP model (we are the owners of the information). Promoters pay for each relevant local advertising perspective in relation to the scientific article.

Benefits of the stage

For Distributors
• As a legal entity, the scenario will buy membership for multiple driving agents and distribute it among their individuals in the block chain.

• The editors draw conclusions from each post to an article stored in the SCI scene on Globex.
To universities / research organizations

• Organizations as a Compensation for Membership Accept a Non-Disclosure Agreement to Outsiders, Non-Subsidiaries of Their Association. This implies that they do not have the privilege of providing goods at the request of third parties.

• Connection with universities gives us access to their membership (that is, when the scenario is requested, the client goes to university dissemination and downloads the free material from that time).

• Any university can come to the subject where other affiliated universities are invested (for this situation we are dedicated to mediation).
For creators

• When authors transfer their distributed items to the scene themselves, they receive rewards that correspond specifically to the number of references to these topics in different productions.

• This means that if the article is useful, the writer gets a reward that exceeds the amount used to publish it on the stage.
ICO Token Agreement

ICO is the most ideal method for raising funds for Globex SCI because only by using it we can achieve freedom for the structure of private interests and protect the benefits of the scenario.

The main phase in Krauseyla becomes Pre-ICO. Its use is reserved for March 7, 2018. The period will be 1 month. The purpose of collecting this phase will be a goal of 3,000 ETH.

The basic phase of crowdsdale will take place one month after the pre-ICO premiere.




Homepage: http://globexsci.io/
Whitepaper: http://globexsci.io/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Globex-WP-rus-new.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com
Telegram: https://t.me/globexSCI

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