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Bitcoin Would Be More Beneficial When Compared To Gold


A new era for the storage asset value has now come.

In addition to stable prices in recent weeks is, talk of Bitcoin in getting relevance to the physical gold as a traditional asset value and storage seems to be getting a chance to enter Bitcoin and biting with gold following the slowdown in price that is now being suffered by precious metals.

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Expert economists and investors, Tuur Demeester, viewed from a different point of view about the latest posts and set a secure store as Bitcoin to save values (or gold digital) and media exchange (digital cash) that is used for a payment.

Bitcoin can reach $2000-$ 3000 this year

If the BTC can ride up to 2000-3000 dollar then this will obviously help to create a new mindset that will lose confidence about physical gold as the only media protection value. It will also bring up new data that shows that the gold and had a Bitcoin a negative correlation.

References support the above beliefs articulated by Vinny Lingham, co-founder and CEO of Civic.com which has been actively involved in analyzing market trends, especially for economy of crypto, gold will decline at the end of 2017 later below $1,000 and may come down further the price range of $700-$ 800 before the end of 2018.

Lingham's previous estimate that Bitcoin will reach a price between $2000 to $3000this year.

Bitcoin Is More Valuable Than The Gold

In line with the opinions expressed by the Lingham, Michael Dunworth, CEO and co-founder of Wyre, told Bloomberg in an interview recorded to video, why he thinks that Bitcoin will be worth more than gold in the future later.

Dunworth drape predictions that Bitcoin will be worth more than gold because of the increasing demand on the current digital currency that began to rise.

Bitcoin Would Be More Beneficial When Compared To Gold.

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