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BREAKING: VIDEO - Bitcoin Pioneer Roger Ver discusses his Ownership Stake in DASH, Bitcoin problems, his thoughts on DASH etc. Did you know Roger runs/owns DASH Masternodes? - 41 mins.

Roger sits down in the last day or so with DASH Nation Community member @taoofsatoshi -- whose handle on Twitter is https://twitter.com/CashAlternative.

I made timestamp notes / overview / key items for you -- The whole talk is honestly really good.


  • DASH Scaling + Privacy ~ 8 min mark -to ~ 14 min mark
  • DASH Governance, Policy and Community Proposal Voting: ~ 15 min. mark to ~ 20 min mark
  • Roger discusses part of his DASH holdings and his ownership stake in the DASH Masternode Network ("miners") - 21:06 mark
  • DASH Community & Liberty discussed by Tao and Roger: 35 min mark.
  • Crypto Community Censorship: ~ 36 min. mark

You Cannot Regulate Liberty..... Let us Encourage One Another.

Feel free to add your comments and encouragement, frankly, we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

Is Roger Ver the DASH Jesus now?

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Please note -- I will have limited internet access for awhile -- so PLEASE do not be upset that I cannot reply right away, or to everyone. I am dealing with some changes, and will have limited time online and will be happy if I get a few blog posts up a week.

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