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Greetings, my friends! Today we will talk with you about one extremely interesting project - Alfa-Enzo
In short for a common understanding, this project is a decentralized social platform, within which each client has the opportunity to earn fair rewards for their manifested activity in the internal activities of the project. Also, the possibility of rewards is envisaged for companies that want to use the Alfa-Enzo service, this option is provided in the form of bonuses in the form of Alfa-Enzo platform tokens, this option is given to campaigns only if campaigns cooperating with the platform will provide an opportunity to earn ordinary users of the Alfa-Enzo platform. In general, summing up it becomes clear that this project poses one of the main goals - is the formation of a decentralized market with the aim of possible massive introduction of crypto currency everywhere and throughout the world. And through the use of smart contracts and Blockbunch technology, it is possible to provide absolute guaranteed security of our data and high-speed function of committing and confirming transactions in the network.
The most important role in the Alfa-Enzo project is played by the platform users themselves, which is directly the key.
On the platform, according to certain templates, any projects of sellers that will carry the advertising function will be placed, this means that sellers will be maximally unloaded, and the Alfa-Enzo platform will perform the main job of attracting customers and advertisers. At the same time, the platform itself will receive its commission in the form of NZO tokens, receiving commissions from transactions and advertising on the network.
In the future, the project plans global public expansion in various fields of activity, such as education, culture, work, real estate, medicine, art, news, tourism, etc. This process of expansion is nothing more than the involvement in existing global markets of certain spheres of goods and services.
The Alfa-Enzo project strives to achieve success in its goal of creating a world digital economy of which there is no equal. This is such a digital economy, in which there will not be this tissue called the fine line between the digital and the physical world. By itself, the goal is highly global and ambitious, but it is expected to come to it with the use of the technology of the future, namely with the use of Blochein and smart contracts.
Alfa-Enzo is a decentralized ecosystem within which data is exchanged, due to which each client of this platform is an entrepreneur able to earn a reward for certain actions performed on the platform.
Alfa Genesis is an online application for mobile devices, in the interface of which platform clients connect to a network where they are able to communicate in an encrypted chat, and for their activity receive project tokens as rewards. The application for the work uses the ecosystem of the new generation of EON - Enzo Operating Network, which means that our confidential data will always belong to us and will be completely safe. Alfa shows advertising only at the request of individual users of the application, and in the project team's plans, the gradual improvement and modernization of the application with the gradual addition of new functionality.

Genesis 1
This is the available basic design of the application.
Genesis 2
Platform developers on July 5 announced the release of Alfa (v.0). Extended functions for connecting with the social network Alfa-Enzo have become available. Functions include binding to the facebook page, a guide for novice users, a page with friends, a new design palette, a posts tab, and a status "on the net."
Now the application is based on a unique decentralized DAP browser.
Genesis 3
The next release, which is a key moment in preparation for the release in November of Alfa Prime. It will be possible to intervene from YouTube, Wikipedia and Unsplash. Also in the application will appear dark mode Dark Mode, gifki, video, links, update chat for correspondence and other convenient functionality.
Therefore, I ask you to draw your attention to the project!
Now the whole project is going well, everything is going according to the tasks set, so there is an opportunity to read the links below.

Good luck on the way to the top!
Details can be found on the site, forum, and social networks.
In my opinion a very strong project, which will develop successfully.
All for now!
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Alfa-Enzo website -  https://www.alfaenzo.io/
Alfa-Enzo ICO Telegram group -  https://t.me/alfaenzoio
Alfa-Enzo Forum BitcoinTalk bounty -  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4732951.0
Alfa-Enzo Facebook -  https://m.facebook.com/AlfaEnzoOfficial
Alfa-Enzo Twitter -  http://twitter.com/enzonetwork
My Bitcointalk -  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1724153
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