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Neironix is the first independent international rating agency which evaluates investment risks in the blockchain economy where projects are rated automatically based on the result of mathematical scoring, neural networks and the multidimensional analysis of a large amount of data.

High dynamics of increase in investments
Digital assets are not only a part of modern financial system, but mark a new stage of the global economic development as well. The market of investments in technological blockchain startups is not limited by national boundaries, so a new era of alternative investments has come. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) that has replaced traditional IPO (Initial Public Offering) is the key investment site of digital economics.

All ICO held in 2016 taken together raised $96 million. In 2017, this figure grew to $3.7 billion, while the capitalization of cryptocurrency market reached $372 billion. The reasons behind such high dynamics of increase in investments lie in the dramatically growing number of new blockchain startups and rising interest in investments in blockchain industry

Insufficient market regulation
The disadvantage of cryptocurrency investment market lies in the lack of legal rules and mechanisms for attracting financial resources denominated in fiat currency adjusted for the legislation valid in the countries of issue. The amount of such resources substantially exceeds the capacity of blockchain market. The flows of fiat currency are under the management of venture and hedge funds, which refrain from investments in cryptocurrency projects due to absence of substantiated and transparent methods of risk evaluation and management for investments in this sphere.

Analysis of project’s competitive landscape
In order to make a carefully weighted decision in the world of fiat investments with regards to each issue project, professional judgment is to be formed. In fact, it is the evaluation of all objective factors capable of influencing either the return on investment or the loss of invested funds. At present, the blockchain market features no information-providing services that can be used for a professional evaluation of projects.

At the same time, a lot of rating agencies are currently working in the market of blockchain and crypto-economics. They use only the experts’ subjective opinions, often paid for and therefore distorted. In fact, such evaluations cannot be included in the category of professional judgments.

Historical record
At the moment of its launch, Neironix contains an accumulated analytical database built on the basis of events in the blockchain market. The data about 4,138 ICO projects implemented in the blockchain market over the past several years have been both recorded by the project initiators and collected by the system independently. Neironix has built the most profound database dealing with cryptocurrency projects and financial information about the blockchain market.

In terms of API resources, we are integrated with 90 cryptocurrency exchanges. Currently, we are analyzing and accumulating statistical data with regards to 5,270 cryptocurrencies and already implemented ICO projects.

Neironix develops standards of cryptocurrency market
Neironix takes an active part in the development of cryptocurrency market standards. It guarantees the company’s leadership in its market segment and involvement of users in the project. Our rating and risk management methodology represents a brand-new and unique standard in the market of blockchain economics.

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