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Are You Doing What Everyone Else is Doing?

There are lot's of temptations that surround us and many people don't see what is detrimental to our overall well-being. I myself am still learning and made mistakes that did hurt not only myself but others as well.

Sheep Herd

Understanding truth and our morals are what creates value in our lives. We see many people in the world change their morals and beliefs for money. The usual term used is "selling-out" and going against what an individual once believed morally and no longer accepting the truth.

It can be difficult especially when there are a lot of detrimental behaviors being accepted by social groups. We gather in groups to feel that we belong and are a part of them to be socially accepted. When it comes to a social group, adults can easily be socially conditioned and to accept the information from others as truth. Accepting ideas that turn into our own. Having a type of "sheep herd mentality" where individuals are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviors. A lot of individuals go through this without knowing it and end up doing it to themselves blindly.

Most individuals do the right thing when they find themselves in moral dilemmas that they encounter in their lives. With life experience and those that guided them in life help create their own understanding of morality.

There are individuals that will convince their thoughts and beliefs onto others as being correct and other's are wrong. Some can be so manipulated to agree and that any form of resistance will have the group defend what they have been convinced of.

Yes, a somewhat cheesy Morpheus quote but holds truth.

Discipline Weighs Ounces, REGRET WEIGHS TONS

So when we see wrong doings and things we know that can have a detrimental effect on things we ourselves and others value, we have a responsibility to enforce things that are detrimental and without personal gain.

An individual may face consequences when going against a social group and be seen as an outcast and face backlash for not going along with what a group does. Some may feel left out or develop a fear of missing out if they don't do whatever everyone else is doing in a particular group.

Being disciplined and staying true to yourself can build up a person's individuality to find their own paths. Giving the power to decide to do what is right or wrong, good or bad, lead or follow.

A lot of individuals as they grow older have regrets and would have done things differently when they look back at their past behavior and choices that they have made. Some will regret things because they knew the decisions they made were wrong at the time but chose to see it right. Others may not have known any better and it took them long to realize they have made a mistake.

Be The Change

We see countless wrong doings and know the things we shouldn't be doing. Like murder, theft, etc. we see the value in not doing those things and that carries on with everything else we do, even on the internet. It is up to us as a group of individuals to set an example of what is accepted in our society and to hold high standards of value. Sitting back and not doing or saying anything can be just as much as doing what is wrong. Things end up being the way they are because individuals are doing something wrong, or others are not doing what is right. It starts with you to make the decision to be the change.

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