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Monero(XMR) Releases Mandatory Software Update Due to Upcoming HardFork on Sept. 15th

Yesterday, Monero(XMR) released a mandatory update to their software v0.11.0.0 titled "Helium Hydra".

This update is said to "increase the minimum ring signature size across the network" and also "bans duplicate ring members in a ring signature."

This update has major improvements and bug fixes:

  • major synchronisation speed-up
  • massively improved the blockchain import function
  • changed terminology from "mixin" to "ring size"
  • add a –fluffy-blocks option to relay blocks as fluffy blocks if possible
  • allow for password verification without loading the subsequently unencrypted wallet into RAM
  • reduced privacy leak risks when using untrusted remote nodes
  • added an Esperanto wordlist
  • decreased memory demands for the getblocks RPC call
  • added a "fee" command to display fee information
  • add average seconds per block in bc_dyn_stats
  • added an on_get_alt_blocks_hashes RPC call
  • enabled support for ppc64le architectures
  • added an Italian translation for the CLI
  • return the per-tx amount in the transfer_split RPC call
  • switched to readline for the CLI
  • added a histogram to poolstats
  • enable support for macOS smart mining
  • added the ability to build a Snap package
  • added a Vulnerability Response Process, with bug bounties available via a dedicated HackerOne portal
  • added support for payment proving via key derivation instead of tx key reveal
  • changed output selection for ring signatures to heavily weight newer outputs
  • added a sweep_below function to sweep small amounts
  • moved the mempool to a database on disk instead of keeping it all in memory
  • fully enable iOS and Android full node support
  • added the ability to create wallets via RPC
  • added cold-signing functionality, and a relay_tx command / RPC call
  • transfer CLI command allows for tx fee selection
  • better AC / battery power detection for Linux smart mining
  • getblocktemplate now indicates the expected total reward
  • as always, loads of bug fixes and performance improvements


According to the announcement on Reddit, the GUI binaries are being worked on and will be released when they are finalized.


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