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BONUM Bitcoin Forecasts

Crypto assets are the most volatile financial assets of our time. As a rule, they are highly unpredictable and not only guessing USD rates of cryptocurrencies, but even the forecast of the limits of their changes is a challenge for cryptoanalysts. BONUM specialists successfully solve such problems. Our analysts have developed and keep improving many tools that allow us to estimate the limits of the growth/fall of the rates of a large pool of crypto assets with different probabilities. Our researchers use both classical methods of mathematical statistics (parametric and nonparametric) and modern neural network technologies (including LSTM).

What BONUM forecasts are

BONUM experts daily make predictions for 34 cryptocurrencies. Margins of oscillations in the rates of crypto assets for the day, a week and 4 weeks in advance are published on our Telegram channel and bonumchain.com.

Each publication contains three ranges of predictive confidence intervals corresponding to three probabilities: 0.90, 0.95 and** 0.99**.
Example of the BONUM weekly forecast

How to benefit from Bonum forecasts

Everyone can use BONUM forecasts effectively on a regular basis and completely free of charge.

Here are some cases of value-added use:

● to assess the loan-deposit ratio;

● while planning your trading strategy;

● to form an optimal portfolio of crypto assets;

●for ranking crypto assets in order of risk and for many other tasks.

How to read BONUM forecasts correctly

The easiest way to demonstrate it is on the daily forecast. Three green lines are the predicted “framework” where the cryptocurrency rate will move over time. The more likely we are to evaluate them, the broader the scope is, which is clearly seen on the graph.
Example of the BONUM daily forecast

The forecast is being created at the beginning of 08: 00+00 UTC. The matching point of three forecast curves on the left corresponds to the actual cryptocurrency rate known at the time of the forecast formation.

The next day at the beginning of 08: 00+00 UTC we can apply the data about the cryptocurrency rate for the last 24 hours (the black curve) to our yesterday’s forecast and evaluate its quality and reliability.

We’re constantly keeping an eye on the quality of our forecast and ready to expose it to a critical audience of crypto enthusiasts. Eager to discuss?

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