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🚀Как можно получить 1000 токенов DAOACT


Приветствую друзья! Есть отличный способ получить 1000 токенов DAOACT, не вкладывая денег, просто следуйте инструкции!

  • Заходите сюда https://www.daoact.org/win-1000-act/
  • Заполняете ответы (будьте внимательны, они между собою очень похожи)

1.How many ACT Token will you receive for completing at least 7 out of these 9 questions correctly? *

2.Draglet's official "offer" for producing the 6 components of the ACT platform (now funded in full through the pre-ICO) is closest to
700 ETH

3.he 10 X Platinum bonus ends when?
1st August 2017

4.Which of these experts has written about ACT
Smith + Crown
@ethadvisor - Inner Circle
Applancer (Top 5 ICOs in July)

5.The central character in our explainer video is called / from
Lena Dzuba / Minsk

6.Our live "AMA" with the WINGS founders features ACT's lead architect
Ganesh Jung from Draglet.com

7.The images include ACT at ...
University of California, Berkeley
Blockshow, Munich
Meetup Kiev, Ukraine

8.Our White Paper says ...
We want a curation engine that rewards those with a long-term perspective and interest in the platform.

9."Social Accountability" is defined as ...
the extent and capability of citizens to hold the state accountable and make it responsive to their needs

Дальше вставляете в ячейку адрес пригласившего: 0xf36C108349f93130aa3Ae98622f61DFA64892D9F
Ожидаете ответ на свой почтовый ящик с результатами опроса. Удачи!

Донат на развитие канала

  • Bitcoin: 1H2VDhsguksgnDgyoReYWsMF5A4FdZeS3q
  • Ethereum: 0xf36C108349f93130aa3Ae98622f61DFA64892D9F

Подписывайтесь на канал о Баунти и крипто-халяве https://t.me/bounty_token

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