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Oxcert Creates Blockchain to Verify Digital Assets Ownership.


Blockchain technologies have expanded the capabilities of information and business systems. Blockchain improves the stored data security and makes information transparent, allowing to set how an asset moves.

Low-level blockchain platforms are highly fragmented and don’t allow to move tokens between different blockchains. While the number of projects on the blockchain continues to grow rapidly, interaction between different decentralized apps becomes unavailable.

Currently, there are no mechanisms in place to confirm the authenticity of issuers and owners of non-fungible tokens. In the future, this problem may create a serious technological barrier for blockchain systems development.

Which Solution Offers 0xcert ?

0xcert develops world's first open protocol, confirming the right of ownership tokenized assets. The 0xcert Protocol provides advanced tools to create powerful decentralized apps that conduct authentication as well as manage digital and real assets. With 0xcert, users can register any assets such as tokens, houses, certificates and other property.

The platform allows developers to reduce the time and cost of developing decentralized apps, as well as significantly reduce risks. Using the 0xcert Protocol with a wide tools range , users and developers can transfer unique assets into non-fungible tokens(NFT).

How the Protocol Works?

The Protocol confirms the assets ownership fact and their authenticity without a third party. The community of holders manages the ecosystem in a decentralized manner. Participants may vote or reject issuers. Only after documents verification the issuers have the right to issue its own tokens. This will protect investors and developers from the risks associated with low projects liquidity. This approach will increase the confidence in blockchain projects.


The developers are aimed at interaction with other companies and will accompany new startups at all stages, in particular development and consulting, speaking at conferences, legal aspects, etc.

Zxc Token Economy.

Tokens are created on the Ethereum basis and is the main payment instrument within ecosystem. Decentralized apps developed on top of the 0xcert blockchain can use tokens as a means of payment or to pay transactions fees. You can also use tokens as access payment, rewards and loyalty programs.

For authentication token issuers 0xcert uses registration registry issuers. Over time, the creators will provide an opportunity for decentralized management of the platform. Token holders will make important decisions, such as supporting or challenging the listing of new tokens.


The 0xcert project has a promising idea, thanks to which the interest will grow. In addition, the Protocol will increase the liquidity of new projects that produce their own tokens, which minimizes the risks of both investors and developers.

The advantages of the projects are obvious, because only those projects in which the community and investors are really interested will enter the market.

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