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Qurrex. Hybrid Future of Crypto Exchanges.


While the idea of a cryptocurrency future pleases the futurists minds, More enterprising people are looking for ways to make money with this new technology. The most popular way to earn money is the exchange, in this case — the crypto-currency exchange.

The Shoemaker's Child Goes Barefoot.

However, despite the fact that the exchanges are trading cryptocurrencies based on the blockchain, the platforms in the majority remain centralized. At the same time, centralized exchanges are still subject to hacker attacks, unlike exchanges, the basis for which is the blockchain. The idea of creating decentralized exchanges has been around for a long time, but it is still a technologically complex project. Clients face a terrifyingly low transaction rate, which is unacceptable for some trading strategies. The lack of liquidity and latency doesn’t allow major investors to come on decentralized exchange.

Problem Solution.

The way out of the situation when centralization is no longer satisfied, and decentralized exchanges are not yet able to fully satisfy users, was the creation of hybrid cryptocurrency exchanges. They combine the centralized exchanges speed, adding to them the security and independence of decentralized exchanges.


A promising solution in this area was offered by the project Qurrex. It develops a special hybrid cryptocurrency exchange capable of conducting up to 70,000 transactions per second. At the same time, the use of blockchain technology will ensure the safety and independence of all exchange participants. The project authors plan to work closely with the largest american audit companies, ordering their services at the end of each quarter. Thus, all participants of the exchange will have a detailed report on the exchange work,also they will be able to receive a detailed report on their work.

Qurrex Advantages.

  • High level of performance and scalability. The ability to conduct up to 70,000 transactions per second, which is much more than modern analogues
  • Extremely high level of security. The implementation of “cold” wallets
  • A large number of tools built into the platform. The platform is developed taking into account the needs of both professional traders and beginners
  • A high level of liquidity
  • Full transparency

The developers are introducing their own MOJO token, which will be used for transactions on reduced commissions. It can also be leased, getting a permanent income. Thus, users will benefit from having tokens and renting them out. In addition, it’s possible to obtain a permanent discount on transactions. The size of this discount depends on the token number on hand and trading volume.


Having considered the project, we can draw the main conclusion that the developers clearly understand the needs of modern users and the problems of existing crypto-exchanges. The project Qurrex definitely commendable. This is evidenced by the ICO success, where the team has already attracted more than 24 million dollars. An experienced team of professionals working in the finance field for more than 10 years is working on the project. The projects, which detail the participants identity, cause a special trust. Whitepaper has 61 pages, and contains a detailed system description. Qurrex is definitely a promising and interesting project that is worth paying attention to.

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