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Bot traffic report for 2016. The growth of AI give us good opportunities to change the way business is done.

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 Within the technology is growing in the last few years, we find more and more machines (AI robots) which are on mission to remove human from operating some routine jobs, but it gives us ability to operate with those functions, faster and efficient than we can do it with our own hands.

 Data from “2016 Bot Traffic Report” reveals that bots account for more than half of all internet traffic (51.8 percent). That’s an amazing statistic when you consider the fact that there are more than  3,424,971,237  internet users in the world, per The Underground Bot Economy report for 2016

 Human vs. Bot Traffic

  • 2015: 51% human, 29% bad bot, 20% good bot
  • 2014: 44% human, 29% bad bot, 27% good bot
  • 2013: 39% human, 30% bad bot, 31% good bot
  • 2012: 49% human, 31% bad bot, 20% good bot

There are few different uses of Bot's:

Bots & Robbers

Bots aren’t inherently evil, however. Neutral in origin, they are simply scripts written to perform repetitive but essential tasks. But your personal and professional business activities can easily be sabotaged depending on who writes, operates and deploys these bots,

The Good Guys

  • The Crawler – Search engines and online services use spider bots to discover and index your website content, making it easier for internet users to find you.
  • The Trader – E-commerce sites use trading bots to search online auctions for the best deals, then automatically buy or sell based on pricing criteria.
  • The Nurse – Speed test and other monitoring bots check your website’s health and accessibility, keeping your website healthy and responsive.
  • The Intern – Media bots take on various forms from fetching content to updating weather conditions to censoring language in comments and chat rooms.

Double agent

Vulnerability scanners can help strengthen your security by auditing your websites and servers for gaps or anomalies. But like the bots themselves, these scanners are merely tools to be employed by individuals with their own personal agendas.

The Bad Guys

  • The Impersonator – Disguised mostly as regular visitors, impersonator bots bypass your security to spy on, steal from or bring down your website.
  • The Hacker – These bots may steal valuable data (e.g. credit card or customer information) from your site, infect it with malware and even hijack your site or server.
  • The Thief – Scraper bots harvest your content and repost it on other websites, reverse-engineer your pricing or business models and even steal email addresses for spam email lists.
  • The Lure – Spam bots post phishing links that lure visitors away from your site, and use malware or black hat SEO techniques that lead search engines to blacklist your site.


 The increasing occurrence of such "artificial workers" who perform routine tasks for which they need even 100x less time then we need for the same task, leading to a complete change in the functioning of modern ways of doing business. Due to increasing attention and emphasis on artificial intelligence, we should bear in mind that the business world as we know today, will not be the same.


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