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Neluns Bank -ICO review. Crypto Bank


Dear friends. I have a great project for you. The project will certainly please you. This is the first global project of such scope, which covers the sphere of finance. He is now conducting an ICO, and you can join this project. The project is called Neluns and it creates the world's first crypt bank.

Before we begin, I would like to discuss why we need such a structure as Crypt Bank. For starters, it is a tool for making and keeping savings. But the main difference as you already understood in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency today does not have a good financial structure. All savings are stored in separate wallets. And the sale and purchase are carried out using stock exchanges.

Also, the main problems are the withdrawal of funds or the constant transfer of tokens from the exchange to the wallet. This increases the risk of loss of savings. Scammers carefully monitor your transactions and putts of all sorts to seize your funds.

Well, dear friends, let's move on to the project and see what gives us the interest of the wonderful Neluns project.

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About project Neluns

Neluns is the world's first banking cryptocurrency ecosystem based on the latest blockchain technologies. The project will cover 3 main areas. Neluns Bank is the world's first cryptocurrency bank. Neluns Exchange is a platform for performing cryptocurrency operations. Neluns Insurance - to ensure your transactions. Neluns is currently receiving a banking license. Also registered are Exchange and Insurance. By doing so, Neluns officially registered banking system. Neluns create the financial ecosystem of the future. Let's take a closer look at the project’s ecosystem.

Neluns Bank

World Crypt Bank Neluns, officially registered in accordance with all requirements. The bank will provide a variety of services for both businesses and individuals. For starters, these are all major types of banking deposits and loans. US, Euro, GBR, as well as a cryptocurrency.
Just like all classic banks, you will be able to get a Visa credit card, MasterCard, American Express and others. Such a banking system allows us to depositors to use cryptocurrency in everyday life. And this is what we need so much. Let's say the withdrawal of funds in any bank in the world. Using a Fiat card will automatically be sold at the Neluns exchange rate and you will be able to make purchases.


The bank card will be divided into 4 types. Lite, Silver, Gold, Platinum. Each card will have special conditions for receiving, and opportunities for use. Terms of bank cards you can read in WP


Neluns Bank Apps for iOS and Android

Neluns Bank - as a bank using the latest technologies, also creates shield management applications. In this mobile application, there will be many functions for bank depositors. Let's just say you can get a credit in a cryptocurrency in one click. Trading operations may be available for mobile applications. Manage your deposit or present deposit. It is also possible to transfer funds to a bank card. Neluns Bank is doing everything to make bank customers feel comfortable.


View application presentations.


Exchange neluns

Another part of the Neluns ecosystem is the Neluns exchange. This is a cryptocurrency exchanger in the nutria Neluns banking system. All transactions will have a “bank guarantee” which makes the Neluns Exchange a large cryptocurrency exchanger. Eliminated legally. Neluns Exchange will receive an official license. Also, Neluns Exchange is connected to an application for iOS and Android.

Given the fact that the transaction Neluns does not charge in the nutria ecosystem. It is worth thinking about opening your account in this bank.


Neluns Insurance

A separate element of the Neluns project is Neluns insurance. Neluns Insurance will receive an official license. You can insure your transactions in case of unforeseeable circumstances. You can insure deposits and loans or investment markets. I think the conditions of insurance in nutria Neluns Insurance will develop and open up new opportunities for users.

The best protection of your money

The prosperity of cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for fraudsters and hackers. In order to save our savings, a simple wallet is no longer enough. Using Neluns Bank you will get maximum protection and bank guarantees. Maximum protection from banking and blockchain technology is what we need. And such protection can be provided by Neluns Bank.

Bonuses for depositors Neluns you can read on the site: Neluns

ICO details.







During the ICO200 000 000 NLS tokens will be released
Base price of 1 NLS tokenl1 USD
Soft Capl- $10.000.000
ICO Hard Cap$ 112,000,000



The project is just gorgeous. All inclusive. Keep savings will become easier and more convenient. Opens the possibility of using the cryptocurrency in everyday life. In general, we are waiting for the release of Neluns

Web https://neluns.io/
Wp https://neluns.io/static/ver165/whitepaper/whitepaper.pdf
Telegram https://t.me/neluns_bounty

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