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Leading Cryptocurrency Payment Platform, UTRUST, Aligns Forces With Pundi X in Singapore

Two of the most innovative blockchain companies, Pundi X and UTRUST, have announced a strategic alignment of vision and mission, engineered to deliver a unique solution for mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. The solution will enable retailers and merchant services to integrate and physically accept cryptocurrency for goods and services offline.

Pundi X is the innovative developer behind a blockchain-based point-of-sale (“POS”) solution device set to enable merchants accept offline cryptocurrency payments. The device, which is currently in pilot production, is slated to enter the market in the coming weeks, becoming available in Singapore, Switzerland, and Japan. The partnership agreement with UTRUST enables Pundi X to afford merchants and consumers protection on every transaction — eliminating the uncertainty that often dogs cryptocurrency transactions.

Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/utrust-aligns-forces-with-pundi-x-in-singapore/


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