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SpringRole ICO— The Protocol of a Decentralized Professional Network Based on Trust

SpringRole is a decentralized professional network platform based on attestation, working on the blockchain. It is a platform on which people can view, share and receive attestations in their professional profile, thereby creating a verified CV that they can use. SpringRole could be decribed as Linkedin but on the blockchain.

As you know, when hiring a job, the employer is primarily interested in genuine, reliable information about the candidate. Now with the help of the new platform all information about yourself can be stored in the created profile.

On the Spring platform, companies can post freelance projects on the vacancy board with Spring token rewards. Applicants can seek such opportunities and sign a smart contract with the company. After the completion of the project or the terms of the contract is fulfilled, the parties can exchange the work done for an appropriate reward.

Read the details: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/springrole-ico-the-protocol-of-a-decentralized-professional-network-based-on-trust-fc9cdf12f9e0

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