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TokenGo - information for investors in ICO

TokenGo - information for investors in ICO

Greetings to all crypto investors! Today we will look at an ICO called TokenGo.

TokenGo is a blockchain platform of tokenization of business and uses a fair remuneration system for participants. The site pleases with its simplicity and convenience, and it is also just a godsend for people who participate in the bounty! If you study white paper well, then the platform's opportunities for investors and users are simply off the scale! From issuing certificates to your own crypto-exchange!

For fans to delve into the Whitepaper there is a possibility to do it in all languages, i.e. not to translate in "Google translaten", and to read the official white paper translated into their language the company. This is a big plus and a good job of TokenGo team. For what to them separate thanks!

And by the way now for such platforms, I think there is a future. Few such projects enter the market, more and more I see proposals for ICO is absolutely not related to the blockchain system (I'm talking about sand mining, recycling, construction of hotels, etc.). How they are related to the blockchain system is simply unknown and most likely they go to the ICO, as today it is the biggest replacement for crowdfunding.

On the basis of the road map immediately after ICO will be running a crypto currency exchange TokenGo, which will be traded for tokens. The team also promises to cooperate with other exchanges and their tokens will be traded on familiar exchanges, the names of which have not yet been disclosed.

What else can I say? About TokenGo, as they offer users to create their tokens based on their platform, they will be able to compete well, if not even outrun, by capitalization, such giants as Ethereum and the like.

Creating your Own tokengo crypto exchange opens up huge prospects, as on the basis of the same platform you can create your tokens, raise funds for ICO and withdraw them to the TokenGo exchange. As for me here everything just blends perfectly and skip this project by itself would be at least logical.

About bounty of the company. Here the team is so comfortable did everything that additional questions arise or for anything. Those wishing to participate in the bounty, will be your personal account with confirmed or unconfirmed tasks. And tokens for completed tasks, we can see immediately in your account on the company's website. A unique version of the tasks in the personal Cabinet fell to the taste of all participants of the company's bounty.

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