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TOKENGO. Top participants in the bounty of the company

TOKENGO. The bounty of the company

 Dear Participants! 

We now have started developing a rating for the Bounty campaign participants. Over the past 2–3 months, we have received good experience in collecting information about the work of the Bounty Campaign. We have learned to analyze the quality of tasks and conversion. We have learned to distinguish bad work from good work, and we have made tools to regulate the number of tasks. These are excellent results, but this is not enough for carrying out quality Bounty Campaigns. On the eve of the launch of the renewed cabinet for carrying out third-party Bounty Campaigns, we want to take the next step — the development of the Bounty Participants’ rating. 

What is rating and why is it needed? 

A rating is an assessment of the quality of a participant’s work. It is obvious to all that the quality of the Bounty campaign depends on the quality of the participant’s work. The more quality bounties, the better the campaign itself. And, since this is obvious to everyone, it means that we must start moving in this direction. The rating will be automatically calculated based on many different factors that we will gradually introduce into the calculation formula. The rating will be strongly influenced by an independent assessment of the moderators and third-party observers, as well as the amount of the investment in the ICO TokenGo. 

We need loyal, quality-performing bounties. Depending on the rating, the work will be evaluated in different ways. Bounty Participants with higher ratings will earn more and will have access to special tasks that will not be available to Bounty Participants with a lower rating. The introduction of the rating will also greatly facilitate the work of moderators and help improve automation. 

Along with this, the rating will be affected by: 

  1.  The number of failures of the task before the approval. 
  2.  Number of tasks with 2x-3x. 
  3.  Number of tasks with the wrong task (when the moderator changes to the correct task). 
  4.  Number of priority tasks (this concept will be introduced). 
  5.  Evaluation of the moderator. 
  6.  Evaluation of an outside observer. 
  7.  The number of GoPower earned in the Bounty TokenGo campaign. 
  8.  The number of purchased GoPower. (Loyalty status from 300 GPT) 

The eighth point will improve the rating if more than 300 GPTs are purchased during TokenGo ICO, including because projects that will host Bounty Campaigns on the TokenGo platform will also need investors. The latest negotiations with the projects showed that the projects can give special discounts, bonuses and special opportunities for our Participants, including the exchange of Tokens. Obviously, such opportunities should be received by the most loyal and best participants of TokenGo. 

More information about the campaign bounty can be read by clicking on the link:


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