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TraDove ICO

TraDove ICO is a business social network created on a blockchain that will be able to combine all the best aspects of internet partnership and marketing.

TraDove, as a business network, was created for one single purpose — to unite all businessmen of the world and to allow them to conduct business relations, advertising campaigns, sales of goods and services, negotiations and simply communication between employees of one firm.

Interestingly, and very useful, on the basis of TraDove will be created a cloud of documents, presentations, white sheets and any other files. And everyone who has access will be able to enter the network and download or view any corporate file anywhere in the world.

In the social network TraDove will be able to participate not only businessmen, but also ordinary Internet users who are interested in helping large-scale campaigns to make a deal on favorable terms, thereby getting their reward for it.

Unlike the major Internet market players such as Google, LinkedIn or Facebook, who play on the amount of traffic, TraDove makes a bias on the quality of traffic in certain niches and business structures, which undoubtedly gives more advantage in the Internet advertising market.

On the other hand, TraDove is not just a playground, where you can buy or sell a service. TraDove is a structure that helps entrepreneurs find each other and establish long-term business relationships, and, most importantly, profitable for both sides.

One of the goals of the social networking business is to shorten the time of the transaction and make the B2B relationship more transparent. What does it mean? Blockchain -this is an open system where each participant can see all the processes taking place in the system. In the case of TraDove, we will have a full picture of our business partner, about his actions, purchases and previous business connections.


BBCoins and ICO project TraDove

A total of 1,000,000,000 BBCoin will be created.

  • 50% will be sold to investors.
  • 5% will be used in the next 3-5 years for the development of the project on the Internet through AirDrop and other methods of popularization of cryptocurrency.
  • 20% of tokens will be used for internal service needs,
    sales to users and global marketing goals of the project.
  • 15% for the development of the TraDove campaign
  • 10% will be distributed to the project team
    At ICO, the project plans to raise $ 52,000,000, and to release BBCoin token to the exchange of cryptocurrency exchange for $ 0.16.


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